Accelgor/Trevenant/Pyroar // NXD-on


Pokemon: 20
3/3 Trevenant
3/2 Accelgor
2/2 Pyroar
1/1/1 Dusknoir
2 Mew

Trainers: 33
4 Professor Juniper
4 Shauna
3 Skyla
2 Colress
1 Lysandre
1 Blacksmith

2 Tropical Beach

4 Level Ball
3 Float Stone
2 Heavy Ball
2 Ultra Ball
1 Switch
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Dowsing Machine
1 Sacred Ash

Energy: 7
3 Fire
4 Double Colorless
i thought I would bring back a deck I played a few months ago and add a new friend to the line up to help it out.
It has the same strategy as normal Trevenant/Accelgor but the addition of pyroar allows for another stall tactic while also being an awesome attacker for Accelgor’s worst matchup: Virizion/Genesect.
Card choices:
4 Shauna: Simply I just don’t have Ns to put in. In testing I don’t miss it much unless I am not set up and I am getting demolished.
1 Blacksmith: a quick way to power up a pyroar if I need to.
2 Heavy Ball: Free search for Shelmet, Trevenant and Dusknoir. As much as I would like to thin the deck as much as possible with ultra, I don’t like throwing away lots of resources.
3 Float Stone/1 Switch: Because snorlax and dragalge are a thing.
Dowsing Machine: I switch back and forth on this and comp search. I use dowsing machine more often though because it is a life saver when I need a supporter or a search ball or to get a float stone back.
1 Professors Letter: used for pulling my fires out of the deck for an attachment, discard fodder and thinning
3 Fire: Seemed like the right amount.

Possible changes I’m considering for consistency purposes or other purposes.

  • Dusclops + Candy: I Like Dusknoir out quickly. Possible two turns to evolve to Dusknoir is more appealing than three.
    -Blacksmith + Beach: blacksmith is incredibly situational and is only good for pyroar. As I’ve been testing I felt this card was more or less dead to me most of the time. Extra beach means a more likely chance of staying with it.

With all that said what are your suggestions or thoughts


Like the idea of adding in pyroar, but it might end up getting too crowded.

I’d definitely suggest at least one more megaphone, Garbodor is pretty popular right now and hurts this deck bad.
Maybe they’re just not popular in my area but snorlax and dragaige are not a thing here so I don’t understand the float stones.
Interesting to see a list with no Ns, even though you don’t have them (and yet you have 2 beaches?)

Lots of odds and ends that will be difficult to Juniper away early in the game.

Good luck, Im sure you’ll work out the bugs through playing.


Float stones are essential to the deck. Once you deck and cover you may switch to Trevenant. Float stone allows free retreat so I can switch back to mew or Accelgor and repeat the process.
The beaches would be borrowed :stuck_out_tongue: i have proxies right now.
I may add another megaphone but there isn’t too many garb players in my area.


Ah! of course you only want Trevenant active for your opponent’s turn. The downside of commenting on decks I don’t play :stuck_out_tongue:


If pyroar can’t get setup than darkrai yveltal with a keldeo could be a problem