"Absolutely Batty" – High-Risk, High-Reward Plays for Regionals & Interview with the ECC Winner

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I played againist Jason Klaczynski in the Pokemon TCG Online and he used that Exeggutor deck… Was trying to fight but got locked out of the game completely due to drawing supporters (just saying that makes me laugh).

Good article and creative decklists.

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Great article! However, I did catch a small mistake. You said that Crobat PHF has 140 H.P. I checked, and it actually has 130, not 140 HP.

Again, the article was great! I like the Exeggutor list! It’s frustrating to play against, but really fun if you can make it work.

Keep up the awesome articles!


Thanks, I should have caught that while editing. 130 HP is correct!

You’re welcome Adam!