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Legacy format deck discussion. Only one topic per deck variant, please!

The formatting for topic titles should be as follows:

Main cards, separated by commas // Legacy

Be aware that moderators will often make edits to topic titles to help keep this section as organized as possible.

When creating a new topic, after verifying there isn’t already an existing topic for the deck variant, the initial post should include the following:

  1. 60-card deck list
  2. Brief strategy overview
  3. Links to additional resources (optional)

If sharing deck list that is not original, please give credit to its source (in the form of a link, if possible).

Additionally, if the deck concept has not seen some degree of competitive success, or is not newly-released, please place it in the Uncategorized thread.

For the purposes of Legacy, as it’s a closed (and undefined) format that ought not to see any future changes, we’re going to start without an uncategorized thread. If it’s deemed necessary, I’ll throw one up.

Generally speaking, this Google Doc maintained by Michael Slutsky and the other fine admins of the Facebook group dedicated to the format is a great place to start. It’s also a great way to judge whether or not your particular variant of a deck deserves its own thread. If it’s not different enough to be differentiated on there, it probably isn’t different enough for here either. That’s not a blanket prohibition on archetypes in the format; simply a guideline.

Wait, so there will be actual legacy tournaments that use the legacy format? Or is it something else?

Merely for discussion of the TCGO format.

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Im sorry for sounding like an idiot but what’s legacy format? xD :grin:

Its apparently the “HGSS-LTR format”.

Seems pretty fun. Now I just gotta find my smeargles and buy some shaymins. I have pretty much everything else good except for plume (somewhere).
Ill enjoy it.