Aaron's 2018 season 329/400


The decks sucks, but at least you don’t, so that’s good I guess.


I guess. Honestly I feel I could be doing better this season if I didn’t play so many bad decks. But we’re close so it’s alright


Went to a league challenge cuz local league is cool and for whatever reason every TO in SoCal like died or something.
Played Xander and colter’s espeon garb
R1 vs golisopod garbodor drampa W
R2 vs lucario lycanroc with buzzwole W
R3 vs lucario zoroark W

Deck ran pretty smooth except for some weird hands where against lucario lycanroc I hit like one energy for three turns (sidenote: took two prizes and 180 damage to a buzzwole off tauros then hit a lucario with psychic for 120, used divide GX for four prizes and game lol) and against lucario zoroark I Ned myself turn two or something into like five Pokémon and a choice band but it wa cool cuz I hit turn one parallel and he decided to N me later so I got stuff.

Think I’ll stick with greninja for cups tho unless I show up and Half the field is Hoopa.
+15cp 294/400


Utah was a disaster. Played ninja and literally didn’t hit meta decks; only meme decks. On round 8 when I was 4-3 I hit buzzwole and game one prizes two greninjas and game two kept using shuffle draw supporters into getting more supporters and not what I needed. So I decided to juniper away five supporters. Wasn’t actually an awful play but I drew my remaining three Brooklet hills and two enhanced hammers so basically nothing lol. Would’ve actually won if I topdecked a break.

So… I haven’t played a single deck this year that was actually good and I’m somehow still 106 cp away from invite. Can maybe go to a cup this quarter and I’m also considering the league challenge tomorrow just to try and get over 300. Idk what I’ll play tho. Idk if it’s standard or expanded either.

To those that decided to go with the #freeseena meme deck: you’ve already heard this but you all need to play real decks so players like me that play antimeta don’t get absolutely cucked. Started 2-0 then John Collins killed me in round three and my day was super strange ever since lol. Hit three Durant.

I’ll probably just play BDIFs for the rest of the season but idk. Hopefully I get the invite before internats


That sucks. Lets hope you can get your invite before the season end. Ya your right about the “meme” decks. I attended a part of the event to watch a few matches. The people playing these meme decks should absolutely stop playing that crap. I do see their POV though. They want to play something different than anything close to meta, similar to the person that played M Audino a while back. I hope you had a fun time in Utah. Did you do anything besides pokeon?


Lol they played the meme deck because #FREESEENA.

Started 0-2 in a league challenge and finished 1-2 for 4th place +10 cp LMAO



Good enough reasoning. LOL. Wow the forums have been really slow as of recently.


The general chat is gone which was something that kept people around imo :p. Anyhow - Yea I am having a pretty mediocre season myself (Only cup finishes and a single t32 at a reg this season, although to be fair I haven’t gone to a ton of regionals) and I am still at 362 CP. Us Day 1ers need to do better - last year at worlds the highest finishing day 1 player on day 2 finished 10th. Day 1 this year is going to be quite challenging/a grinder


GD was literally the best. I got why they discontinued it but it kept people around lol.

Dude I haven’t played a single good deck at all this year except for Q2 cups and I’m still 100cp away lol. Five regionals, placed for points at 2 I’m so mad at myself. I’m just gonna play like BDIF or something at internats so if I scrub it’s because I was outskilled and not because I played a bad inconsistent deck.

Lol if i know anything about day one players that do well say two, they don’t play meta. 2015, 2016 masters saw Sean foisy with Gengar trev, JVW with Archie’s, Cody walinski with ninja, so I’m not worried about day one.

My plan is to play it safe for internats/cups and obtain the invite, then I’ll play ninja for worlds because it beats everything but bad luck can kill you.


Top 8d my first cup of the quarter with greninja BAE. In standard of course.
R1 va Malamar things (I assume he had necro but I never saw it) W
R2 vs zoroark lycanroc L I started lele and couldn’t find a supporter. After he took four prizes I topdecked N and started making a comeback. However, he and himself into Guzma double puzzle and took back to back KOs on bench Pokémon for game.
R3 vs necro Malamar W. I prized two frogadier and he hit turn one dark flash and leles for Guzma, yet for whatever reason decided not to Guzma my bench frogadier with no energy and KOed my active with a splash. In the end I sycamores myself into no energies no staryu, no supporter. Then he decked himself :wink:
R4 vs greninja mirror. He unfortunately had to play his rod and stretcher early on and I hit my two hammers to send his ninjas to the discard. Then he cynthia and whiffed an energy so he scooped. Not gonna lie, greninja mirror is not cancerous whatsoever when you know how to play it. It’s probably your most skill intensive matchup.
R5 vs necro Malamar W
T8 vs xerneas break LL game one I couldn’t find a supporter for a while and basically one break it the field and then died. Game two Cynthia into two frogadier. I don’t think I had more than one greninja on board at a time (ok maybe once for a turn)
329/400 just need to too 256 internats