Aaron's 2018 season 329/400


Well, didn’t qualify for worlds 2017 but I’m looking to try much harder this year! See you all in Nashville!


Anaheim Open: played Drampa/Garb
R1 vs Alex Koch
Apparently he quit? He never showed up. Idk why he registered for the Open lol. WW
R2 vs Drampa/Garb mirror
He ran rainbows and I didn’t. I won game one he won game two, not entirely sure why I lost game two but I’m sure I just didn’t play well enough. WLT
R3 va Bees
Super cool dude from the UAE came out for the experience. I crushed him hard but he was pretty chill and was just looking to have fun as grow as a player. Props to him for flying all the way here! WW
R4 vs Volcanion
Game one i think I misplayed hard and thought I needed to manually retreat a garb so I attached a DCE when I forgot I had float in hand. Then I Nd him to one into VS Seeker. Idr game two. LL
R5 vs Mega Ray
I ran Sudowoodo so… WW

Last round I put my deck in bag
Closed bag
Walked around
Opened bag for next match
Deck wasn’t there
Had to forfeit match
Still haven’t found deck, buying all the cards back tonight.
I truly don’t think my last opponent stole my deck

My friend Ethan Colborn in seniors played the same 60 as me and tied last round in his win and in so he let me borrow his deck to finish the tournament. Thanks dude.
R7 vs Greninja
Game one I think I Nd him to one into VS seeker. Game two I won, game three went to time but he showed up late so I got the W. LW(W)
R8 vs Mega Ray
See round 5
5-2-1 85 saaaaaaalt cuz I knew that some 5-2-1s made top 64

40/400 have no doubts this year


Additionally, my brother came 9th in worlds in his last juniors division event. Went 5-2 and didn’t bubble, just got ninth. Played mega ray/magearna and crushed day one going 3-0. Day two I think he started out X-1 (first time I checked he was 2-1) and then lost to Regan so he had no complaints there. He’ll be a senior now which will be interesting to see if he can handle it.


Had two cups this weekend dropped from both of them.
The first was expanded where I played flarebees. I started 0-1 losing to gardy due to not being able to hit numbers and I whacked a sylveon GX for 190 twice in the game. Went to 2-1 then lost to @PP101 playing yveltal Maxie’s due to poor draws. The next round played against toad seviper which I had already beaten that day but couldn’t hit vespiquens or a ranger when I played junipers; I had to keep junipering into more junipers while he took prizes. It got close though and if he hadn’t gotten his third poison barn I would’ve likely won. Although tbh I just built the deck that day cuz I found out they had extra spots so I didn’t know I was going till that day

Today had a standard event where I played metagross with one necrozma, one psychic energy and one ninetails GX. Lost round one to Kenny Britton with volcanion. It is a pretty hard matchup but I made it somewhat close with ninetails I guess but he drew well off all my Ns so RIP. Then I lost to gardevoir GX which was pretty bad. Won a game against rainbow road and then hit another fire deck where I was one turn away from winning but he topdecked the game. Then lost to golisopod zoroark espeon ex Tapu koko where I got killed so I dropped.

Season isn’t starting off good…


Durrr I have nothing to rn so lc report

Played metagross with no techs
R1 vs gardy
R2 vs metagross necrozma W (hit a metagross for 250 with a lele on turn two of time lmao)
R3 vs gardy W
R4 vs Gardy W
R5 vs goli-garb L
R6 vs gardy W
R7 vs Gardy W

T8 vs same metagross as rd 2
WLW game two I could’ve won but misplayed and grabbed two Guzma one choice band instead of two choice band one Guzma off algorithm damn I’m awful. Game three was sudden death I started Beldum, he went first started lele, n to one turn one bench vulpix pass. His next turn he grabbed an energy and retreated for beacon. Eventually I topdecked a sycamore into rare candy metagross and basically won from there you get the idea
T4 vs ho oh salazzle WLL
Game one he started turtonator so basically I get N to one kill a bunch of things while he consistently has to discard energy. Didn’t help that I did 100 damage with a vulpix
Game two could’ve won had he not topdecked off n to 1
Game three he drops an oranguru and drew hot AF. Had a chance at comeback but prized two field blowers RIP
Matchup is winnable, but annoying



Expanded cup, played night march
R1 sablegarb W
R2 vs Trev W (both opponents so far bricked)
R3 vs Mega Ray w/oricorio and Karen W (he prized oricorio)
R4 vs turbo dark W
R5 and 6 ID
T8 vs wobbBats LL could’ve won game one then misplayed forgot to sky return. Game two dead drew


Don’t worry your luck will come back eventually. I have been testing Gardevoir/Sylveon it’s been going okay although metagross is relatively popular in my area. I also have been playing a vulcanion build. The forum has been quite silent as of recently.


It has

Parallel and Plea GX? That’s the only thing I’m worried about when I play vs gardy as metagross


Yes I do use parallel and the plea gx really helps lower the metagross count temporarily. I used to play a necrozma to help aginst metagross. But one can only have (not too many decent gx attacks.) Besides those three cards the metagrosss matchup is pretty bad.

That’s great. There is literally nobody on the forums anymore


I’m posting on lack of a facebook


Played gardevoir for San Jose and did bad cuz reasons. Played greninja in the league challenge the next day just to be over 100 cp. lost round one then won out 5-1 5th bubble lol +8cp


Made a choice being night march and a shitty deck at dallas. Naturally, I didn’t chose night march. So I did really really bad.

Season not looking so great ugghhhgh


What may I ask was that deck


Second at a cup with standard golisopod zoroark
R1 vs golisopod garb W
R2 vs Volc W
R3 vs decidueye zoroark W
R4 vs metagross sogaleo L
R5 vs bulu L

8th seed

T8 vs Sam Chen w/Kica bulu LWW
T4 vs David Veronica w/buzzlycan WW
Finals vs admassu Williams w/mirror w/ counter energy and sudowoodo BKP LL bricked both games
+40 cp god Tweedys is such a shitty store


Top 4d another cup with one card off tords gardy zoroark list
R1 vs mirror W he forgot prizes and I was gonna lose
R2 vs mill things W
R3 vs mirror L
R4 vs golisopod zoroark W
R5 vs zororoc W
R6 vs goli zoro W
T8 vs goli zoro WW
T4 vs mirror LWL game two I donked him so technically I’ve never won an actual game of mirror lol.
Deck was super fun and suuuuper broken.


Costa Mesa YEET
Played ninja cuz Preston Ellis gave me his list and I had nothing better to play lol. He got second with same 60

R1 vs whales WW
R2 vs night march WT
R3 vs Zoro Counter Energy stuff WLW
R4 vs lonzo WLT
R5 vs lonzo WLW cuz we were gonna the but he scooped so I could get points. If u see this I’m sorry I didn’t see you second day I was playing rounds most of day
R6 vs buzz Lycan WLL whiffed one of four outs to water energy to not KO lycanroc so he won. Should’ve played better by using juniper instead of colress but oh well. Game was super close cuz I whiffed a bunch of things and even used water duplicates TWICE man what a crazy game. Rahul was super cool tho so whatever
R7 vs Gardy WT
R8 vs mirror WLT
Game one was one of the most amazing plays of my life
He miraculous shines three breaks for KO
I have two prizes left he has espeon in active my field is two froakie and a remoraid with an energy
I promote froakie attach bubble heads
He passes I draw attach to remoraid evolve to octillery bubble heads
He passes I topdeck energy attach to octillery retreat
…and then I lost game two by not hitting energies to shadow stitch and prolong the game till time
R9 lonzo WLW
6-1-2 YAAAAAY I DID IT I avenged my awful dallas streak holy s***
R10 vs whales WT prizes starmie game two but knew I could just play till time
R11 vs aerodactyl gallade spice LWT I drew a bad opening hand game one got deck checked them won a game two that took longer than it should’ve cuz I whiffed energies. Game three time was called while shuffling but we had a time extension for 8 mins as soon as I hit T2 duplicates he said tie? And I said yea. Should’ve played it out ooops oh well
R12 vs lonzo quad eggs w exeggutor LL bricked
R13 vs lonzo LL bricked again darn
R14 vs sylveon LL I suck and apparently don’t know this matchup but he did know it and knew his deck inside and out so can’t complain.
28th place +60 cp + $250
List will be up on PokemonHero’s channel on YouTube idk when



Or I mean I’ll post it now


NnoOo I screwed up a water energy in the photo. It’s the right number it just looks bad :sleepy:


I haven’t been on these forums in a long while but I am glad to see you are doing fairly well this season! Hopefully we get to see each other at worlds!


I played zoroark gardy for Portland regs. The deck sucked but I top 64d. Losses to two buzzroc and @JimmyPendarvis with sylveon cuz I knew the strategy but the deck sucks so I couldn’t execute it properly. Also sucks that he whiffed fairy energy and I had to n him in order to draw more cards +prizing double puzzle but it happens. R9 win and in top 64 vs @MichaelSlutsky w/buzzroc game three was insane I went first started lele want attach fairy sycamore bench ralts pass and still managed to win my first win against buzzwole all day.
Did I mention the deck sucked?
+50, 279/400 (why can’t I be at a clean 280 and why do I bother doing these posts lmao)