"A Zoroark for All Seasons" – Looking at how Zoroark-GX "Trades" in Standard and Expanded


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Just a heads up- i think that you meant to write Zoroark GX in the standard ninetales list


Thanks, this has been addressed. I think Brit just wrote “Zoroark” and in my 2 years now of turning “Zoroark” into Zoroark BKT, I just did it mindlessly.


Can you explain the 3 Alolan Grimer SUM? Why would you run 3 of these for a tech, and with 1 Alolan Muk anyways


The 3/1 line is to mostly give you extra fodder for Skyfield Damage. The extra Grimers are expendable while getting one Muk into play is still pretty important. Muk stops all sorts of things from Sudowoodo, to Volcanion EX, Tapu Lele etc.