"A Weekend Across the Pond" – Christopher's 2017 European International Championships 3rd Place Weekend Review


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Very informative article. How does the deck deal with Silvally Metal, since there’ll likely be a lot of them with how well it did at London, other than using the psychic Ralts and Kirlias? How would I approach that match up? Also, was Parallel City useful without Sylveon?


With your Bridgette first turn what are your normal opening Pokemon that you go for?

2 ralts 1 remoraid(assuming octillary not prized) and one vulpix?
Or do you sacrifice the vulpix and go for 3 ralts?

Thanks in advance. Great article


Be sure to emphasize Gallade, mainly. They don’t have an easy time dealing with it.

I found Parallel useful a lot, and with minimal Garb, didn’t need 3 Blower. Probably worth considering other options, but I don’t have any good ones off the top of my head.

Depends what I start, really. If I’m going first, I want to the ideal Turn 1 with 3+ Ralts and Remoraid in play (even when Octillery is prized, I’ll sometimes go for it to bait my opponent into dealing with it in certain matchups, or just to have it once I get it off the Prizes). I generally do not Brigette for Vulpix if going first, but sometimes it happens. For example, in my Round 14 Game 1 against Yasin, I prized 2 Ralts and didn’t want him to know that. So, Vulpix being the only relevant Pokemon left in my deck, was a natural choice.

Going 2nd, it’s Vulpix/as many Ralts as possible/Remoraid. Against fast decks, the 3rd Ralts is 100% a priority over Remoraid. Things that aren’t going to threaten the 2 Ralts’ existence mean you have the freedom to go for Remoraid.

Hope that helps.


That is very helpful, thanks so much.


Would you keep your current split in regard to your psycic/fairy kirlia and ralts ?


I’d probably go 3 P/1 Y, 3 P/0 Y respectively, for this weekend of Cups, I think.


Thanks again this is a great help