"A Problem with an Egg-Ceptional Answer" – Preparing Exeggcutor for NAIC

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Could playing a copy or two of ‘Lady’ help us out at all? Or will it remain luck-ish based as to whether were able to get them from our hand to the discard pile?

Perhaps it has some viability in a format without Professor’s Letter but I would imagine that it’s just too slow. You’d need something else to help discard and right now that’s just Ultra Ball or your next supporter on your next turn.

Generally avoid bringing up… uncommon ideas, but if there was ever a deck that was welcoming of them it could be this one. As for the extra 10 damage: Poison Barb?

For the second list, you mention adding Baby Buzzwole but the list itself actually says Buzzwole GX. I’m assuming this was a mistake, figured it was worth mentioning.

Great article as a whole!

Yeah that’s definitely an error. Thank you for catching it!

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