"A New Speed of Tortoise" – An In-Depth Look at Lists, Techs, Tricks, and Matchups for Turbo Turtonator in Daytona Beach


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Hi Alex, very nice article. I’m just not sure you mention anywhere exactly how the deck is supposed to function I.e. your ideal starter, your ideal strategy. Would be great to know as Expanded has become so varied pretty much anything is possible.
Many thanks


Hey, thanks for the complement!

I didn’t think about including a rundown on those parts of the deck, but I also didn’t think about how there hasn’t been a lot of video content for the deck since the Fort Wayne stream videos weren’t saved!

Your ideal starter is Turtonator, but any of your Fire Pokemon work. Even Lele and Shaymin aren’t terrible as they can retreat for 1 energy, so your T2 attack is still on the table. Typically, you just use Kiawe, Blacksmith, Nitro Tank, Volcanion’s Power Heater, and your attachment for turn to power up your attackers, then you just take knockouts turn after turn. You have a myriad of attacks that can help you, all with their own drawbacks and benefits. It just depends on the situation.

Sometimes you have to work with what you have, other times you’re more fortunate and you can search for the attackers and supporters you need. For instance, as you can see from Nico’s finals match, you want Ho-Oh as your attacker against Seismitoad, since it can sponge up 3+ attacks, but you can also make due with Shell Trap or Bright Flame from Turtonator.

A completely ideal game would be to start with Turtonator, attach to it, Battle Compressor 2 Fire, then use Blacksmith to power up a Bright Flame. Use Blacksmith again on the next turn and take a knockout again, using Muscle Band and/or Steam Up to hit the right numbers. Do the same thing every turn until you win the game. The basic strategy is simple, it’s adapting to your opponent’s game plan to take out threats or react to their disruption that’s difficult.

For further reading (watching), check out the stream from Bilbao, there are plenty of matches that were streamed with Nico playing the deck. We’re working on getting the matches for Bilbao timestamped in the events hub as well, so stay tuned for that! And let me know if you have further questions or if there’s anything I can clear up!


Hey Alex, thanks man. This is excellent. A lot of articles miss the “perfect start” strategy…and it’s no fault of yours but sometimes one has to put oneself in the lay persons chair, and assume they know nothing (you are the teacher). I know if i play my old Trevenant deck, for example, I want (Phant, Jirachi, Wally) to get lock T1. Then Dimension Valley + any amount of level balls and rescue scarfs in my hand is good (for me). And I would be explicit in explaining why to the lay player. Obviously hands are never perfect but I think if one is able to picture the perfect start (strategy) in their mind and then work down from there it helps a lot. Honestly, thanks again - it’s very helpful.


I tried the European list but seriously dislike it compared to the ft Wayne one. Without compressor you can’t thin out your deck as well for the eventual N to 2. Also no muscle band makes you much weaker to Hex stopping Turtonator KO’s, and forces you to use Ho-Oh, but Ho-Oh is just marginal.