"A New Frontier" - The Future of SixPrizes

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Thank you Adam for the awesome work over the years! Enjoy your retirement ;D

Welcome to you both Alex and Christopher! I think 6P has been left in very capable hands!


Do you know if there will be any changes regarding Pkmncards?

PkmnCards will remain as is for now.

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I am happy for both Adam and Alex and Chris. Adam did an amazing job for the past years, and Alex and Chris are great people and will serve 6Ps well.


Dude this is some big news. I don’t know what to say aside from thank you for your years of work and friendship Adam :slight_smile:

Any plans for you on the horizon? Are you still blogging?

@kazambolt , @KPiplup, really look forward to your take on 6P. The return of commenting directly on articles reminds me of the old days. I still go back and find my own old comments on articles from way back when.


Thanks Vyse! Worlds 2013 is still of the best experiences I had doing anything ever. I’m really thankful we got to hang out and goof around Vancouver for those few days.

I’m not sure what’s next for me, but I do hope to start writing more again!


Do you think you’ll ever do anything Pokémon related again at all or will there only be one active co-creator of Queendom left?

Goodbye Adam. Thank you for keeping sixprizes running well. Goodbye and good luck at whatever you move onto. This community owes a great debt to you and your team the for effort you put in to make the game a better place

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Thanks Adam. Hope you stick around on the forums every now and then

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I think I prefer to move on to something new. I’ve been involved with Pokemon for a very long time and I would like to branch out.

Thank you all for the kind words! I’m still editing articles through the end of this month and will be around every so often to say hi.

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