"A Monstrous Time" – Looking at Hydreigon and Tyranitar for Brazil's Latin American International Championships in Lost Thunder Standard


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Do you think Zeraora GX would work to accelerate energy? Shuckle three darks t1, hopefully Ultra Ball a couple more, find the lightnings that you have conveniently also in hand, then boom! Yes, maybe not then. But it sort of works if you have two pre-evolutions on your bench and get to the GX early.


Potentially. I’ll admit I hadn’t considered it, but I feel that solgaleo added the necessary barrier against fighting.


What did you mean when you say “This will cause the Chimecho to be knocked out going into our turn, which allows us at least one turn of evolutions”? Chimecho places an effect that wouldn’t go away even if it’s knocked out


Oooooops. So I was definitely thinking I was paralyzing for whatever reason. You’re right