"A Leaf in the Wind" – Looking at Lurantis, Incorporating Promotional Power, and Seattle Regionals Recap


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Hi Brit
Thanks for another interesting article. How are you playing the deck early on? I am finding that getting seduced by Tapu Bulu too early on can be counter-productive, that I’m going well when I use Lurantis for my early work and then Bulu to make hay later on. But I don’t feel like I’ve completely got under the skin of things. Could you work through your general approach please? e.g. if you have a lone Fomantis up, where are you attaching your first energy? What are your first three Brigette selections, all being equal? Do you flower supply to Lurantis GX or to a benched Bulu? I admit that I’m asking you to do my thinking for me to an extent, but this is partly why we subscribe (!), and I am always interested in how a better player does these things.