"A Deep Dive on Worlds" – Considering the Realm of Worlds, On the "Right" Ease of Invitation, and Open Season On the Open


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Really great article Chris! I really dig the opinion based articles and I think it’s a brilliant idea with the bye system you talked about. Similar to how states/regionals used to give out byes if you won for nationals. It gives players a goal to keep trying to get points if they get them early on


Thanks for the post!
I actually concur with Invitees being blocked from pre-registering for the Open, but for an entirely different reason. If someone with a Day 1 invite registers before they know whether they make Day 2, they effectively intend for the seat to go empty, since we presume they will try their hardest to make Day 2 AND since TPCi can’t cancel & re-sell the seat, AFAIK. This struck me as an ethical issue even last year for the Anaheim Open, since it doesn’t seem sporting to buy a spot with the (indirect) hope that one fewer person plays Pokemon than otherwise would.