A Blastoise EX Deck

Hey guy This is my cousins deck. Sorry i don’t reply often i will get on that soon.

#Pokemon 17
1 Mega Blastiose EX EVO 102/108
1 Blastioise EX Promo XY30
1 Magikarp EVO 33/108
1 Gyrados Steam Seage 21/98
1 Snorlax GX Promo SM05
3 Poliwag EVO 23/108
2 Poliwhirl EVO 24/108
2 Poliwrath EVO 25/108
1 Dragonite EX EVO 72/108
1 Lugia EX Steam Seage 68/98
1 Regigigas EX Next Destinies.
1 Gyrados EX BKP 114/122
1 Mega Gyrados EX BKP 27/122


3 Professer Sycamore
1 Heavy Ball
2 Ultra Balls
1 Great Ball
1 Pokemon Center Lady
1 Bianca
1 Muscle Band
2 Professor’s letter
1 Cilan
1 Here Comes Team Rocket
1 Energy Pouch
1 Rescue Scarf
1 Super Potion
1 Switch
1 Fisherman
1 Giovanni’s Scheme
1 Professor Kukui
1 Blastoise Spirit Link
1 Tool Scrapper
1 Brock’s Grit
1 Professor Birch’s Observations
1 Lysandre
1 Energy Search
1 Pokemon Catcher
1 Skyla

11 Water Energys

Hey Guys this i my cousins deck. He wants to know your input on what direction it should go. I’ll see you guys, later.

That is way too many 1 ofs. If it is a blastoise deck, make it a blastoise deck and get rid of the other stuff. Have 1, maybe 2 Pokémon lines with a few tech Pokémon. The trainers are based on that, so until the Pokémon are more finalized, can’t help you too much there.

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From a competitive standpoint, Lapras-GX > M Blastiose-EX. Although I doubt that’s relevant to this deck :sunny:
The way foward is probably to make it more blastiose orientated (as stated by 2CardCollectorQ): 3 escape ropes and 1-2 absol are good techs.

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I think that when you said steam siege you meant ancient orgins, as there is no lugia ex or gyrados in steam siege.

Probably I have trouble with the set symbols.