8-Player Standard Tournament-Round 1 Pairings Up!


Hey, guys! Nothing fancy. Just an 8-player Standard tournament. 3 rounds, followed by a top cut of 4. All rounds will be single game. Play on TCGOne. Don’t send me lists as I’m playing. If you want to sign up, do so on the thread.


Sure I’ll join! :slight_smile:


sign me up! when does it start?


Sign me up! TCGONE name is DorkyMon_


I would like to join the tournament!


Can I please enter 2020


I will join.
This will start soon right?


Can i join? 20202020


We have 8 people now; can we start or have pairings?


Players confirmed:


Round 1 Pairings!!!
@RisingRaichu vs @AustinTCG
@Suicuneisthebest vs @MicajahFarrell
@Chabillionaire vs @yokai
@thegrovylekid vs @ccloughley
Please post results on the thread!


Another rule: please confirm your deck choice by tomorrow. I don’t want anyone making educated deck choices based on earlier games.


so do we give our deckchoice right here on the forum


beat @ccloughley. GG!


Yes, GG.

Didn’t have much of a chance anyways, but whatever, it was fun.


I am not going to be able to play for a while so i am going to have to drop.


OK. @Chabillionaire gets a bye in the first round.
@AustinTCG, can we try and figure out a time to play our match?


@Suicuneisthebest it says that I’m playing @RisingRaichu


Sorry I’m still signed in on my brother’s account!