6pTS: Tournament of the Champions! - Gelato wins!

How many rounds?

4 with a Top 4 cut .

Is Swiss best 2 out of 3?

Requesting a 1 or 2 day extension due to being gone for Regionals.

Yet you will still have 3 days till the deadline after Regionals.

I’m gone until late Wednesday night.

@Gelato Nope

@Vablakes You should be able to get your game in by then in my opinion. I don’t want this running into late december like last year, but if absolutely necessary, an extension may be granted.

I’m supposed to get the game in without computer access until after the deadline how exactly?

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Magic, duh.

Or you and your opponent could schedule for Wednesday night, but I prefer magic.


I lost to @Oshawaterbottle

Confirming sorry for the dead draws

i beat @snscompt1 GG :slight_smile:

Confirming GG! Something about 20 characters

Request for an extension stands.

@Gelato offered me the free win, because he can’t play till current deadline. If the extension will occur, and we can play on weekends, i’ll still play this round.

Confirming this. If there is no extension until the weekend, @MultX gets the win for this round.

Request still stands.

Extension granted to Saturday, October 12th.



Lost to @blargh257, GG!