6pTS: Tournament of the Champions! - Gelato wins!

Alright, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the Tournament of the Champions!

The Tournament of the Champions is an invitation-only event that players all season have been working hard to earn a spot in. Top 4 from last year’s Tournament of the Champions, plus the Top 12 from rankings in this season are receiving invitations. These people are:

@Vablakes (accepted)
@snscompt1 (accepted)
@Reshiphlosion (accepted)
@MultX (accepted)
@Serperior (accepted)
@blargh257 (accepted)
@OshaWaterBottle (accepted)
@SMP (accepted)
@Gelato (accepted)
@Wrags23 (accepted)
@Floral (accepted)

In order to compete, I need all of you to PM me accepting your invitation by Thursday, September 18th at 8:00 PM PST, or else you will be dropped before the event starts.

Prize support is still being finalized, but you will be notified as soon as we know.

Thanks, and good luck!


Okay cool, I definitely accept the invitation!

On a slightly different note, what is the format going to be? NXD-FLF, NXD-on, or BCR-on? I’m going to spend the next week or so developing my deck and don’t want it to accidentally be in the wrong format, thanks!

Darn. Missing out on the states tournaments did hurt me. Oh well. Good luck to all!

@Reshiphlosion Whoops, forgot to mention that the format is Boundaries Crossed-Furious Fists. My bad haha

Haha. I still made this? Well sure. I’m in I guess.

When is the decklist due?

It’d be awesome if we could get all decklists by the 18th, but idk if that’s possible. Just as soon as you can, please.

Might want to note that I’ve accepted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: the :stuck_out_tongue: face is nightmare material here. Looks like he’s choking to death on an Elite Trainer Box dice rather than simply sticking his tongue out.


Stare into the eyes…

Good luck to everyone!

When are we doing this

So as @sibon @galladeava @Mares789 @Kirbyswag and @SoldiersSpirit have not accepted their invitations in time, they will not be competing. Our player roster is:

@Vablakes (decklist received)
@snscompt1 (decklist received)
@Reshiphlosion (decklist received)
@MultX (decklist received)
@Serperior (decklist received)
@blargh257 (decklist received)
@OshaWaterBottle (decklist received)
@SMP (decklist received)
@Gelato (decklist received)
@Wrags23 (decklist received)
@Floral (decklist received)

Decklist are due Wednesday, October 1st. Round 1 pairings will be posted on October 2nd, and if you don’t have your decklist in by then, you won’t be in them!

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I gave you my list Mr. Piplup. Like, three days ago.

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I’ll post my list tonight or maybe this afternoon, depends on when I have some free time.

I gave my list to you already. I’ll try sending it again, I guess.

Will send it in tonight

Just waiting for @Floral 's decklist, and then we can start!

Sorry. I got you tonight.


Alright, Round 1 Pairings will be posted when I finish my homework.

The high school homework grind does tend to get in the way of important things like Pokemon.


Round 1 Pairings:

  1. @Vablakes (0-0) vs. @SMP (0-0)
  2. @snscompt1 (0-0) vs. @Floral (0-0)
  3. @Gelato (0-0) vs. @MultX (0-0)
  4. @Reshiphlosion (0-0) vs. @blargh257 (0-0)
  5. @Serperior vs. @OshaWaterBottle (0-0)
  6. @Wrags23 (1-0) vs. Bye

Round 1 Results Due Wednesday, October 8th at 8:00 PM PST.

Good luck!