6pTS: State Championships #2 -- Top 2 Results Due August 16th at 8:00 PM PST

(there you go Adam :stuck_out_tongue: )

[quote=Prizes]1st. 100 Points
2nd. 90 Points
3rd/4th. 70 Points
5th/6th. 35 Points
7th/8th. 20 Points[/quote]

As usual, decklists are required. I will be strict with deadlines so we can try and catch up on schedule. If you do not respond to your opponent at all during a round, you will be dropped from the event.


  1. @OshaWaterBottle (decklist received)
  2. @Wrags23 (decklist received)
  3. @KIDD989 (decklist received)
  4. @Frosty79x (decklist received)
  5. @Kirbyswag (decklist received)
  6. @Jirachion (decklist received)
  7. @blargh257 (decklist received)
  8. @Vablakes (decklist received)
  9. @snscompt1 (decklist received)
  10. @Reshiphlosion (decklist received)
  11. @Serperior (decklist received)
  12. @MultX (decklist received)
  13. @Floral (decklist received)
  14. @pokemonguy (decklist received)
  15. @therocket290 (decklist received)
  16. @Gelato (decklist received)

Have fun!


Gonna win 2 States in a row IN!

In it because 20 characters

I most definetly wanna be alllll up in this lol.

Count me in. I have never used bebesearch/play TCG before but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

I’ll join this one too!


I would like to join this! (Woot, first message here)

I’m in, but I want this one to get off the ground.

I’ll join. Twenty characters.

Of course I’m in. Need some more rogue testing done.

Count me in! I can’t wait to see how these states will turn out! :smiley:

Joining #yolo #swag.

Can’t believe I’m in time. I’m in

I would like to enter.

Sign me up. I’m gonna win!!!

Please sign me up for this one.

Only one more spot left!

I’m in! Made it just in time too


We now need decklists from @Wrags23 @hypnotoxic @Kirbyswag @Jirachion @Vablakes @snscompt1 @Reshiphlosion @Serperior @MultX @Floral @pokemonguy @therocket290 and @Gelato to start. :smiley:

im in if you need another guy. I can send my decklist tomoro as well.