6PTS State Championships #1 -- Top 2 Results Due Monday, September 8th at 8:00 PM PST

Looks like Wrags got the last spot. Sorry!

The tournament is played online. You build your deck on www.BebesSearch.com , figure out a time with your opponent via PM to play your game, and play your game on www.PlayTCG.com .

A second State Championships will be posted within the next few days, so don’t worry, you’ll get your chance to play. :smiley:

@troller100, you will be a replacement. I will give everyone 4 days to turn in their decklist, if they fail to comply I will give you 24 hours to turn one in. Alternatively, You can submit one now.


You guys have until Thursday, June 5th to get your decklists in.


You guys also have until Thursday, June 5th to get your decklists in.


How do you PM? 202020

Go to their Profile and message them.

I,ll play. :slight_smile: Will send deck list asap.

Signups have filled, but I will place you on the replacement que.

@Vablakes is it ok if we relabel “official” as the 6P Tournament Series? And then we can prefix the title with 6PTS for all official tournaments. I think that would be a little less confusing for new people and better branding.

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When will this start?

Guessing June 5th because that’s the deadline to get in decklists.

(I think I am doing this right, as it is my first BBS post)
I would like to join :smiley:

Was I too late? If so, I’ll join the next States (because there are more than one, right?)

@Phoenix15 Sorry, but sign-ups have ended for this one. Don’t worry, there will be a couple more.

Ok. :smiley:it’s alright. I’ll sign up for the next one

will be sending in my list tomorrow! sorry ive been busy with work

Sign me up! Hope there’s still space. ;-;

sent my list in earlier today

I also sent my list in.

Sign me up Please! I should have time now :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: NVM, I saw the empty 16 and jumped to conclusions, sorry. :frowning:

Id love to sign up if theres still space or be considered for the next one!