6PTS State Championships #1 -- Top 2 Results Due Monday, September 8th at 8:00 PM PST

Hello Sixprizes! I’m the unflappable Vablakes, and I’ll be hosting this event. It is the Sixprizes version of State Championships! Here are the point prizes:

[quote=Prizes]First: 100 Points
Second: 90 Points
Third and fourth: 70 Points
Fifth and sixth: 35 Points
Seventh and eight 20 Points[/quote]

The signups will cap at 16. You will be required to PM me the decklist you will be playing. Of course, the format is NXD-FLF.


  1. Floral (decklist received)
  2. snscompt1 (decklist received)
  3. Bionicle360 (decklist received)
  4. blargh257 (decklist received)
  5. KirbySwag (decklist received)
  6. carlosvera3
  7. Gelato (decklist received)
  8. Serperior (decklist received)
  9. Shinysuicune (decklist received)
  10. troller100 (decklist received)
  11. Therocket290 (decklist received
  12. pokemonguy (decklist received)
  13. stmlacek1 (decklist received)
  14. Professor_N (decklist received)
  15. Oshawaterbottle (decklist received)
  16. Wrags23 (decklist recieved)

Replacement que:

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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I would like to join this tournament

I will join this tournament and post this because its now twenty characters you need -_-

I would like to join this tournament

I’ll join this tournament.

In for the state championship.

Idea like to join! Count me in

I’d like to join please!

I am in it to win it baby.

I would like to join!

i would like to join this!

I want to join also.

I’ll join. 2020202020

I am so in hope to get use to the format again

Sign me up for this.

In it to win it!!!

One more spot! Then I’ll just be waiting on decklists!

In this to win it! I guess I need 20 characters…

I am in wwwwwwwwwwww

Where is the tournament