6 months later... What are your thoughts on the BBS?


I had encountered the same problem, and solved it by going to the “Notifications” page (http://forums.sixprizes.com/users/skyla/notifications) and then clicking on the button on the upper right corner of the page to mark all notifications as read.

(You may use the URL above to go to the “Notifications” page after substituting your username for the part in red.)


@Adam, I’m unable to specifically ‘Reply’ to people. I’ve restarted my computer, browser, etc, but if I want to clarify who I am replying to, I’ve been (for the past day or two) having to use @User.


What happens when you click the reply button to a specific post?


I just pressed reply to your post.
It did exactly as it has been doing, not replying but making a new post.


Idk what you mean by this. A post is any comment. A topic/thread is a new conversation. Your reply to this topic = a post.


I just clicked the ‘Reply’ next to your post, but it doesn’t specifically reference you when I press the second ‘Reply’ that posts my post.
If you hover over somebody’s post, you get the ‘Reply’ button. I have clicked that but it doesn’t ‘reply’ to you.


If there are no posts between your post and my post then it doesn’t show the dropdown thing because the posts are already in order. Click the reply button to my above post and it should show the reference when you reply.


Following your words from post 70, I’m replying to post 68.
Ah. Well I’ll be.
Thanks for the update on why it works and how it works.