6 months later... What are your thoughts on the BBS?


Checked, it also works in Chrome.

On iOS, you can long-tap a link and it’ll bring up the option to Open in a New Page.


Alright that’s good to know, thanks!


I think I do have an option to make external links open in new tabs globally, but I’d rather let people choose whether they want that to happen.


On the one hand I kinda miss the “Tier” system but on the other I feel it as absolved a lot of unnecessary complaints and griping about the way "their "deck is ranked.


@Reshiphlosion I just came across a setting that will let you open external links in new tabs by default. Go to your preferences page and look for this setting:

“Open all external links in a new tab”


Awesome, this will make browsing through the site a lot easier, thanks so much!


Is there a way to strike through a sentence? I liked this when editing a post, so the next reader doesn’t lose the context of the conversation. Also is there a way to change the font sizes? Like three options: small, normal and large would be nice.


<del>Not what I meant.</del>

Not what I meant.

<small>Small sentence.</small>

Small sentence.


Is there a webpage where I can look up other Syntax commands used on 6P BBS?

I hate love this small writing btw


I think most is documented here: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax


Well, regardless of how I or anyone else thinks about bbs, @Adam we all appreciate the effort you have put into making this pokemon site easier to manage and an awesome place to discuss and learn stuff about pokemon.


Thanks! Props to all of you for contributing and our awesome mods @KPiplup and @baby_mario for keeping this place organized.


I noticed that when I go to post on my phone, and want to scroll up, sometimes it takes up a lot of the page. So, I normally click the down arrow at the top right of the post. It goes down, and I scroll all I want. Then, I click the arrow to get it back up. Now, when I click the arrow, it goes down, but deletes my post. I can’t get it back. Anything I am doing wrong?


Does this only happen on your phone? What if you do the same thing on another device?


Works just fine for me on my computer. Lenovo ThinkPad Windows 7


What kind of phone again (and browser)? If it works on your computer, then I think we can isolate the issue to being something with your phone.


Iphone 4s. iOS 8. Safari. It used to work too… until just recently.


Well, I updated to the latest version of the forum software over the weekend. This might be a new bug. Anyone else out there having this issues on their phone?


I checked the “General Discussion” thread over and over through my notifications, it wont stop notifying me of the 2 posts I already read! Anybody else having this problem?


Might be because of deleted posts. Give it a day and the notifications should clear.