6 months later... What are your thoughts on the BBS?


@themiraclemeat I just noticed if you hover your mouse over a result, it does turn yellow:

I’d always been using my arrow keys. Had you been doing that too? I’ve reported to the developers the functionality seems kind of odd.

The mods and I have been talking and we’re not quite sure how to handle all the old decks. All are in the past category right now: http://forums.sixprizes.com/category/deck/past

Maybe what we could do is have an “archetypes” category and then subcategories for all the formats. That might work, though I’d definitely restrict topic creation to curators like you. Then maybe instead of the “past” subcategory, we make it a parent category and have subcategories for all the formats (for when we phase out the decks during the rotations).

How does that sound?

I’m not sure about the glitches. I’m on my laptop 99% of the time and I’ve come across very few issues. I can’t speak for all the varieties of mobile devices out there.


I wish that the green post counter on the side was either a more subtle color than neon green, or smaller. I am on iphone most of the time, and it takes up a good amount of the screen.


Which iPhone? I personally don’t find it to be that large.


4s. I mean, it isn’t HUGE, but I think it could be smaller, or atleast a duller color. The neon is always catching my eye and distracting me. :sweat_smile:


Actually I have been playing with it more too. I use Google Chome and like you I’m a keyboard user. When I hit Ctrl F once it pops-up the website search function, which highlights things in light blue. When I hit Ctrl F twice it pops-up the browser search function and highlights things in either orange or yellow.


For me it’s the kind of thing that I didn’t like it because it was change, but its working now for me. One thing I recently realized is that you can jump to post easily which helps.


I still miss the sparkly pictures that used to be on the front page way before we even had xenforo.

bbs takes a bit of getting used to, but I like it fine now.


I don’t know why everyone is having mobile issues it works just fine on my Samsung galaxy s4.


Is it that bad? Honestly doesn’t feel any worse to me then something like signatures did over on Xenforo.


To be fair, there aren’t many things that are worse than the signatures over on xenforo.


I think you mean “there aren’t many things that are better than the signatures over on xenforo”:


Ah yes, I forgot about danger D.

classic 6P.


It isn’t as much as it is big, but it is a very bright and distracting color.


What color would you suggest? It’s not certain that anything will (or, really, can) be done about it, but is there really a better option? Everything seems either too dark or too bright.


The teal-turquoise-blue of the 6 in 6P? Also, you could change the numbers to white if you had to


The post number display is default styling, I’m probably not going to be touching it. Only things I mess with are the category badge colors and the header.


The BBS has gotten a bit better since it first launched, software updates and more recent activity is pretty nice. The old forums will always be more aesthetically pleasing to me, but that’s not very important as long as I can navigate normally. I will say though that I really do miss having pages. I know it’s sometimes sloppy to see 4857942308750 pages on a thread, but simply scrolling up and down feels a little more disorganized to me. Even with the green shortcut bar (which is amazing by the way) I was always able to find what I wanted faster with pages.

For example; if we were in a Winters War tournament and I wanted to look up resistances from the previous rounds, I would be more likely to remember that the pairings were posted on page X instead of having to memorize the exact post number so I could shortcut to it. Otherwise I would manually have to scroll through dozens, if not hundreds, of posts to get the required information that I want. Either method can get sloppy (if too many pages build up then it will become a lot harder to memorize) but posts build up a lot faster than pages and are thus harder to commit to memory. I also missed the chat room, but given that almost no one used that I don’t think it will be coming back anytime soon. :frowning:

Overall the BBS is solid and will continue to improve over time. It is different and although that isn’t a bad thing, I still don’t fully understand the need to switch over from the old forums so soon. But nothing can be done about that now, so the only thing left to do is make the best of it. I’m not overly fond of the BBS, but I might grow to like it over time as is the case with many different forums. In any event I am excited to see how the developers will work to improve this system in the future!


There is a bookmark function which might help with this:

You can then access your bookmarks by clicking your avatar at the top right (a link will drop down).


Okay cool, the bookmark feature works pretty well so thanks for pointing me to that! I did find one more thing that’s a minor annoyance though. Links posted on this site don’t open up in a new tab and instead just zap you away from the BBS to wherever the link leads. So I can’t comment on a link and read it at the same time, I also can’t just close the tab when I’m done and instead have to go back a page or two. I don’t know if it’s something you guys can fix or not, but I thought that it might be worth mentioning…


Right-click on the link.

Choose ‘open link in new tab’

(That’s for FF, but I assume other browers do similar).