6 months later... What are your thoughts on the BBS?


I first installed the BBS in the middle of March, and since it’s been running for almost 6 months now and the old forums are officially frozen, I want to get everyone’s thoughts on this new platform:

  • What do you like?
  • What do you not like?
  • Are there any missing features that you’d like to see?

Any feedback is much appreciated so we can continue to improve your experience here!


I don’t like to search function. When you search for something it highlights it in light blue, I can’t see light blue, could you change it to yellow or something easier to see.


It’s not bad, definitely easier to post than the forums which tended to either not post at all or post three times in a row. I miss trophies though. The badges are cool, too.

If I navigate to a new tab on mobile and come back to the BBS, it goes to a white screen and no amount of refreshing fixes it. I have to close the tab to get back on. It may be just a singular event on my end, though.


The one thing that this forum could benefit from is an interface like the old forums where it lists the main categories, and then the most recent threads in those categories under the category header.


I’m on an iPhone most of the time, and I don’t have that problem


I have gotten used to it, I think it definitely needs what @Gelato recommended though.


What mobile OS are you experiencing this on?


Serious question: Are you colorblind or have vision issues? I can let the developers know if the light blue is a bad color for people that can’t see well. To me, it’s not super distinctive (I can tell what is highlighted), but I could see how others might have trouble discerning.

You mean like this? http://forums.sixprizes.com/categories

I made that the default landing page for a while, but I think the most recent topics listing is a lot better for getting people involved in discussions. The categories page is ok for finding topics that might not be discussed a lot.

If you can provide more information I can let the developers know about the issue. Minimum browser and phone requirements are listed here.


BBS is more mobile friendly for sure. The only downside is people seem to be confused by change, resulting in less activity.


I like the old forums better than the BBS, and I know a lot of people share this thought. But other than just asking you to reopen the old forums (which would be nice, however unlikely), I do think that the BBS could use some improvements in a couple areas. The biggest problem area for me is the PM system. Not being able to add someone to a group message is frustrating to say the least, as you have to make an entire new PM just to add one person to the group. This makes having a sort of “team chat” a real difficulty (and I am part of an active 6p team, as our PM on the old forums just hit 10k messages today, so this is a real issue).

I agree with what @Gelato said. The BBS could use something like the http://forums.sixprizes.com/categories section, but it should look more organized instead of what it looks like right now (so pretty much it should look more like the old forums - those were organized). It would also be nice if these categories were the front page of the BBS rather than the “recent posts” that is the front page at the moment (imo, a “recent posts” is better reserved as the additional tab instead of the “categories”).

All in all, the BBS doesn’t “feel” like a forum to me (probably because it isn’t a forum), which is something that kept me coming back to the old forums, as I really do enjoy browsing and posting on forums. The only thing that really keeps me coming back to the BBS is checking PMs and hoping that I can find a way to convince you to switch back to the old forums.


Yes, blue and green are hard for me sometimes. I really think it’s a combination of Blue Lettering with Light Blue Highlight that is messing with my eyes.


I don’t have seeing difficulties (as far as I know) and I also find that the double blue is a little hard to look at. Maybe if it were black and blue, or blue and yellow it would be easier to look at.


Android, Chrome browser.


If you need to add someone to an existing PM, message me and I might be able to help you out. It is possible, but I’d have to temporarily disable an important setting. Is your team constantly changing members? I’d hope this you don’t need to do this too often.

This functionality should be added at some point, but I don’t know when (I’ve asked the developers a couple times already).

The category display on the BBS is better in every way. It displays the most popular categories first, it shows 3 recent topics as opposed to only 1 on the old forums, it has color coding, and it makes better use of spacing. On a desktop, this is what I see in the viewport on the BBS compared to old forums:

It’s no contest; the BBS has a better categories page. I know you’ve become accustomed to the old layout, but I fail to see how it’s better in any way.

If you set a browser tab open to the BBS default front page when there is activity, you’ll see why it’s the default. It will give notification when topics have been replied to, in real time, without you needing to refresh the page. When people are active, you’ll know. It’s pretty cool. The past few days were neat seeing topics get updated. It’s more interesting to see the most recently active discussions from all categories rather than look at a somewhat static category page. It helps foster more discussion this way. Heck, most people probably would have missed this discussion with the feedback category being at the bottom.


Is trust level 3 something you get from posting a lot, likes, or how do you get it?


That’s not something that’s publicly known, or will become publicly known.


I agree that the bbs does have a better category page, but I don’t get that layout when I load up the forums for some reason. (I use an iPad)


I’d like formats to be separated like they were in the old forums. SixPrizes still has potential to be a great resource for older decks, but the thought of mixing all sorts of formats together honestly stresses me out too much to bother. Creating an analogue to Archetypes of the Past would be fantastic (and I’d still be happy to help run it).


Well it makes my phone Uber uber glitchy.

I see alot of forum layout concerns but overall I get the fact that it is trying to get everyone involved with each post but it does become a bit overwheling at times. I wish there can be layout and a window that could exist for current threads and new posts on the same page so we can have both structure and people involved with everything.

This is still uber glitchy though.


I’m still not a fan of it mainly because of Tapatalk. I do feel this version of the site isn’t as organized as the last. On the other hand I believe the BBS could grow on me.