2016 SixPrizes U.S. Nationals Fantasy Competition

Hello 6P Users! Today, we’re excited to announce the beginning of our site (and community)-wide annual U.S. Nationals Fantasy Competition.

What’s this, you may ask? Well, in a traditional fantasy draft, participants pick players they think will do well at U.S. Nationals, going in order until a set number of players have been picked. However, due to the limitations posed by a forum environment, we’re going to follow a salary cap format instead.

You’ll have a salary cap of $40,000 to pick 10 players that you expect to do well at US Nationals. Players will be assigned a cost based on the following formula:

  • $500 per 50 Championship Points, rounded down.
  • $1,000 per Earned Bye from State or Regional Championships.
  • $1,000 additional “premium” on players who have either demonstrated an elite pedigree of success in the game or earned more than 3 Byes at State/Regional events this year (i.e., I couldn’t let Dylan Bryan cost $2500).
  • Any player with less than 250 Championship Points has a base cost of $1,500.

For example, a player with 385 CP and no Earned Byes would cost $3,500. A player with 100 CP and 1 Earned Bye (they’re out there) would cost $2,500.

I’ve compiled CP and Prices for every American Master with more than 250 CP or an Earned Bye in this spreadsheet for your reference.


For the Masters edition, the Championship Point payout scale will be used as a point distribution for this contest as well. Ties will be broken in the following manner:

  • Final Standing of Worst Player: For purposes of this tiebreaker, 33-64, 17-32, etc. are all equivalent. This is looking at 65+ after Flight Merge. Should these be equivalent, the 2nd Worst Player will be used, afterwards the 3rd, etc.

  • Should that method fail to reach a decision, if either player had a greater share of the $40,000 allotment remaining, that player will be awarded the position.

  • Finally, a good-old-fashioned coin flip will be performed.

  • Note: In the event that the exact same 9 players are selected, the player who makes the earliest submission shall be awarded the higher position—I recommend using the spreadsheet link below to avoid this scenario.

Team Submission:

We’re going to try something different this year with team submission. Rather than posting here, you’re going to follow the link below to the handy Google Form. Hopefully, this reduces errors and permits for easy scoring. Important note: Currently, all players with 250+ CP or who have Earned Byes are listed in the form. If you would like to select a player with less than 250 CP that is not not the list, please choose a Placeholder at the bottom of the form and post in this thread with the players you’d like added and I’ll make the change.

Team submission: http://goo.gl/forms/hCIBaPhFs3ZGE0eH2. Team submission will close at 9PM EST on Monday, June 27th.

In all cases, if I’m unable to determine who the player you intend to add to your team is (whether it be a write-in via the Other or one of the incomplete names Rankings offered me), that slot will be wasted.

Submitted teams can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u5QCAW7hcSKo6FyY-kw9MnYK5KnuuXbnY9n9VHuVvFA/edit?usp=sharing

Good luck!

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You need to click the link to do it.

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placeholder 1: Nolan Freda

Placeholder 2: Stefan Tabaco.

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@thegrovylekid I don’t even know what’s going on with your entry?

I’m just as confused as you are?

You used Placeholders 1-4 as parts of your entry—do you want to give me names to replace those or did you not understand their purpose?

Oh, I have to give names? Whoops.

How did you think it worked?

I thought you would use the placeholder to fill out the monetary and amount of player requirements. didn’t know you had to give names.

Placeholder 1 - Jordan Soderling
Placeholder 2 - J.D. Shofner

Glad to see you still believing in yourself.

@KPiplup - I’ll just use these. I don’t know that many players outside of the ones already mentioned.

Or you could change your list to include people you DO know.

I can’t meet both the budget requirement and the player requirement without 4 placeholders.

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Placeholder 1: Tyler Keller
Placeholder 2: Austin Zettel

My name is Charles Larenas-Leach on the Google Form.

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Placeholder 1: Sam Chen


Placeholder 1: Chris Hoag
Placeholder 2: Dallas Wright
Placeholder 3: Brett Stratton

My name is Brett Stratton on the google form

Placeholder 1: Sam Chen

Make sure your team is still under the 40K limit now that I know that Stefan has 380+ CP. Wasn’t on rankings previously.

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