2016-2017 Season Schedule and Information


Well everyone, when The Professor starts reviewing Pokemon products on an MTG channel, we know why prices are so high right now, why we can’t find any product, and why attendance is going to skyrocket at Regionals. He doesn’t get everything right strictly speaking, but I hope everyone can see why he is so incredibly popular for both casual and tournament MTG players.


Is it possible that 2016 worlds points are distributed differently seeing as the 500 cp information was released many weeks after worlds and they could’ve changed the world cp output? Or is it still the same on pokemon.com?


Regionals now distribute 200 to winners


Which has nothing to do with what @jirachi123 asked?

Worlds points for 2016 are 500/500/500/500/100/100…80/60/40. Same as previously published.


Sorry, misunderstood his question. It’s still sad that top 8 worlds competitors don’t get at least 200, pretty sure it’s a bit harder to do than top 16 Canadian nationals.


They didn’t have much choice though — arbitrarily increasing points from a tournament in the history books is bad for PR among new players. That’s the reason the 2017 allotment is largely TBA.


I don’t understand. Increasing worlds points is bad because it reflects badly off new players?


Increasing points for any tournament retroactively looks bad in general.

Doubly so to non-Worlds competitors when that tournament is Worlds.


Is someone streaming this weekend?




Any idea when the stream starts?


It’s 6:54am here, so it’ll be awhile. Player’s meeting is scheduled for ~9:30.


And at the rate this is going…it’ll be longer than that.

This is why reinventing the wheel is a bad idea.


Any estimates on attendance?


459 Masters. You’re apparently magic, as your coincided with the end of 2 hours of silence.


Still no stream, eh?


Read the above posts


I did. Am I missing something super-obvious?


It sounds like the event hasn’t even started yet.


Someone decided that it made sense to set up for 300 Masters, use a registration system that’s strictly inferior to what other events use, and then, only 2 hours later (after the roster is up), decide to fix that first problem.