2016-2017 Season Schedule and Information


I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but regionals co payout is slightly higher.


I thought it was interesting that League Cups (LCUs?) have no support other than CP.


Aaanndddd now I don’t know.

500 points for Worlds is really high when the sources of CP are much less available now, and it definitely rewards those wealthy enough to be able to travel by a lot. It’s kinda disheartening from the perspective where this also gives the only real indication of how much the company cares about its playerbase…


We can’t judge how tough it’s going to be until we see how often League Cups and Special Events are going to be ran. Worlds had a 500 CP cap before and was still a success, so it’s not too surprising to see it happen again. After all, Worlds is supposed to be exclusive; not just anyone should be able to get an invite.


This doesn’t seem to hard aslong as the UK meets the kickers


Yeah, except that you have to go to 8 regionals, and get top 32 in all of them. Maybe not so hard in seniors, but when there are about a thousand masters, it gets a little bit harder.


Most UK regionals didn’t even make 100 last year, I imagine the new prizes will boost participation.


I know this is going to be accepted poorly…but there have been way too many players at World’s the last few years. Part of the issue of the venue this year had more to do with the volume of people rather than the actual space. It is the World Championships…be happy there is a DAY 1 at all. Get out, play, earn all the points you can. WANTING your invite vs EARNING your invite are 2 different conversations. 500 points are a lot, but doable…and yes…those who travel have an advantage…those players have figured out a way to make it, fair or not.

And even though your particular space in the universe does not have as many events to attend this year, once the League Cups start happening at every place that can hold League Challenges, there will be significantly more events in North America.


Question: aren’t day 1 competitors at World’s supposed to get 40 championship points? I haven’t seen it posted


Just Day 2 competitors receive 40 points.


So if I qualified for day 2 after playing day 1, I should have gotten them by now?


That’s a different question. Day 2 hasn’t been uploaded yet for this year.


The issue with the World Championships this year was they put it in too small a space not because they had to many players!
The issue with US Nationals this year and the fact that about 200 players were denied participation was because they didn’t plan their space needs well enough!
The reason these events exist in the first place is because of the players. 500 points or 300 points will make little difference in attendance. especially considering the increase in best finish limits. The players will travel and earn their points. Those that do not will still want to attend and watch those that do… After all, even if all the players at Worlds that are not the best of the best, the best players are still at Worlds.


This is invalidated though because there are no states and no nationals. This drastically cuts the amount of points available in the season. This will by far decrease worlds attendance, but increase it for every other tournament.


It will decrease Worlds attendance, but Worlds was growing far too large anyway. The VGC side was the greater offender, but still, 500+ people on Day 1 is insane.


I have to say I think I disagree with a lot of the views on these changes. As a newcomer to the competitive side last year, who did manage to cross the 300 cp threshold with a regionals t4 finish, 300 CP looked more manageable as well - and coupled with cheap prices was a good time to enter this game again. Removing states (assuming there are few special events) and reducing regionals make the game less accessible and accessibility I think should be a key to the game’s success.

If they really wanted to make the game more exclusive thats one thing, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of accessibility to the game. If people feel like they can’t get to any major events, they do feel disheartened and may not stick around to enjoy this game. Plus having a best finish limit of 8 with fewer easy to reach events, does give the impression of stacking the deck in favor of those with the means to travel far and wide. It would be one thing if the BFL for regionals/continentals was 4 and 1 respectively, then you could make the argument that the best can and will make it to worlds. As it is now, at least to some of my locals and myself somewhat, it looks like Worlds is made easy to access for those who can afford to travel everywhere - less so than on skill potentially. And yes while it is possible to sweep 6 cities (assuming none this season), cities will still be hotly contested events. This system feels like it advantages established players at the cost of opportunity for newer players and I frankly think that is the wrong direction to go when it comes to this game


I think a smaller World Championship will be great. Based on some estimates I did, the 500 Championship Point requirement is the equivalent to around 428 Championship Points using last season’s system, so while World’s is definitely more challenging to qualify for, the 500 pt number is a little misleading because of the point payout inflation.

There were 77 North American Masters that achieved this, compared to 242 total invites. That means there would be a reduction of invites by a factor of 3.14. Taking out the Day 2 qualifiers, it’s 61 Day 1 invites compared to 226 last season, decreasing Day 1 invites by a factor of 3.70.

There was 476 players in Day 1 last year. If that was to shrink by a similar factor, that would reduce Day 1 to around 152 players, which is a huge decrease. Last season, you had to go 6-2 to move onto Day 2. If we shrink Day 1 to around 152 players, then you might only need to go something like 4-2 to move onto Day 2, which makes traveling to the World Championship a hell of a lot more attractive than if you had to go 6-2 during Day 1 like you had to this year.


so cards are more expensive, you need more CP points to get to worlds, and there are far less opportunities to get said points than before.

That… doesn’t sound good lol


The TPCI had a good idea with their changes to events, but instead of increasing the BFL a lot, along with the points, they should have decreased the BFL, so that the game wasn’t favored for people that can travel.


Guys, I have some bad news for you.

Pokemon wants people to (have to) travel.