2016-2017 Season Schedule and Information


Can there be cities at places that aren’t comic book shops and stores?


*league cups not cities


Generally speaking, no.


Thanks, is there a set best finish for events yet, or can it change from last year?


The BFL for League Challenges and League Cups (combined) will be best of 2 during each quarter (July-Sept, Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-June). There are no Cups in Summer/July-Sept, so it’s just Challenges during that quarter.


Really trying to take the game seriously this season and attempt to earn a World’s invite, however I am having major difficulties with regards to locating any CP events outside of Regionals. Would anyone be willing to assist me in finding League Challenges and other events in the northern California area? I truly appreciate it.


For northern Cali I think the best way is the Pokemon locator. SoCal has a fb group. I am at 27/30 for summer and I try to make any lc within 2 hours if I have time, been too 7 so far. (I am east coast)


Do you have a link to the SoCal facebook group?


Search: Play! Pokemon SoCal. Should show up easily.


Wish we had some UK info already :confused:


Looks interesting. Worth coming back for. :slight_smile:
Hopefully the changes are for the better.



Season info. 500 points for Worlds this year.


And that’s just for day one


Looks like Mexico is considered part of NA now.



Oh god 500 is really awful for huge parts of the US and some of the playerbase. Those with money will have a larger advantage than they have had with the elimination of states and the reduction of regionals. Traveling in the US is like 6x more expensive than traveling in Europe, this new system seems like it could be offputting to a lot of players who may not be able to take as much time off work/school as others can or without the resources to pay 400+ for the average regionals trip. I am honestly unsure if this is a good idea. Regionals should see natural growth, but this 500 point market also wouldn’t surprise me if it reduced the number of players as well (although not as much as the cash and natural growth bring in)


This is going to be difficult


There goes any chance of me getting my invite.


Many of us Americans feel in the same boat now :frowning:


Some food for thought. This is the minimal placing to get an invite.

Summer lc (two seconds) (24)
Fall/winter/spring league cups (two top 4 ea) (180)
regionals (8 top 32) (256)
continentials (top 128) (40)

Total? 500


500 again?
Given how spread out points probably now are with the increased number of players, this seems too selective.
I also don’t like that guaranteed invites appear to be only for the Nationals winner.
This is a much better template, though.