2016-2017 Season Schedule and Information


To my knowledge, none have been scheduled.


Seems strange with the season “starting” soon. I’ll check with some tos


The season has already started, actually. A while ago.

However, before this year we didn’t have Cities until late November/December, so it’s not like anything is missing yet. League Cups are the Cities equivalent.


Except for the plans. It they haven’t finalized their plans yet it makes you wonder when league cups will actually start.


We know League Cups are to be run quarterly. It’s fair to say there’s an expectation that we should know something by now/they should be run shortly. I’m increasingly concerned that we’re only going to see 3 quarters of Cups this season, which would be bad for players.


It obviously won’t work quarterly by calendar year. It will work if we view the year in a Sep-July window. In the era of “Cities,” players needed 300CP by a published date post Nationals. If we consider the Oct-July time frame, we have a ten month set, and “quarterly” would be every 2.5 months ending at that prior post-Nats time period.


I generally disagree. In an endgame where the structure is up and running, my belief is that they want these events occurring 12 months of the year. The fact that the season changes at the beginning of July, right around midyear, is an indicator to me that the word “quarter” will literally mean 3 months. Could they modify that model this year to make up for lost time? Sure. I find it more likely that we only see Q4 '16, Q1 '17, and Q2 '17 events this year and the invite structure will be adjusted accordingly.


I meant to say that it won’t work quarterly by calendar year THIS YEAR. Your proposed time frame makes perfect sense for subsequent years (presuming the current model is retained).


looks like lc’s are being separated by seasons. no announcement from pokemon yet, but you can find this if you look through your points history.


In specific, it appears League Challenges are split every 3 months (July-September, October-December, January-March, April-June) into a BFL of 2 affair.


Could this mean that a total of 8 LCs count now? I really dislike this move and thinks it’s gonna drive attendance down for the later months in small areas.


theoretically, yes it means 8 total. but dividing them into quarters should actually drive attendance up for the later months rather than drive them down because you wouldn’t be able to get all 8 lc finishes early in the season.


In our case, we need LCs to happen at all for it to matter…


this is good news for canadian players. going to be hard to get a lot of regionals points especially if you cannot leave the country.


An interesting side effect of this (based on how the info is presented now anyway) is that if you have a bad luck run during a quarter and you can only count two best finishes per quarter, that you won’t be able to make up points later in the season on League Challenges if you missed them. That has some interesting implications on League Cups as well in that you really can’t afford to miss them during any quarter (if we can assume they end up in similar buckets). Stuff to think about as we wait for Pokémon to actually tell us something.


So if you’re a master living in BC, you have to play absolutely perfectly through the whole season.

4 Cities wins = 200 CP
Capping out LCs = 120(?) CP

And that’s barely a day 1 invite, never mind the fact that everyone else is going to be trying the same thing which means the competition is going to be insane. Really missing BC regionals right now…


The game has always required travel. In Michigan, I could only hit 4 Cities, a State Championship, and realistically 2-3 LCs per month without leaving the State. If you want to prove that you’re one of the best in the world, you have to play against players from other areas than just your local province.

Also, if you can actually claim 120 LC points with this new system, I will be incredibly surprised if the invite threshold stays at 300 (and it was already too low to begin with in my opinion).


Even factoring the loss ot States? That took over 30,000 points out of the pool, didn’t it?


Technically yes, but you can still get those points and more by travelling to Regionals. In prior years, I would hit 3 States and 4 Regionals. With the new Regionals schedule, I’m potentially going to 7 Regionals. Yes, you have to travel a little bit more, but there are more opportunities to hit more tournaments. And with no barrier to attending the new Continental events, you can get even more points.

Last year, you could get 90 LC points and 200 Cities points. While very few Masters (if any) did this, it didn’t let you get an invite by local events alone even with perfect play. If you can get 120 LC points and 200 Cities (League Cup) points this year, you would even have some margin for error to achieve an invite at 300 points without ever leaving your local area. That’s ridiculous.


I see and agree with your argument now. I agree that a Worlds caliber player should not be someone that can simply hang around and sweep local events. If only we had details from Pokémon by now so we just knew how everything would look and didn’t need to guess and assume!