2016-2017 Season Schedule and Information


About 3 weeks ago our PTO requested to hold a League Cup at a small gaming convention in Michigan and was told “They are not ready yet”. So we are holding 2 League Challenges instead. Hopefully with Worlds 2016 behind them, the can get back to planning 2017


Anyone hear back about Vancouver yet? As a player in Washington with school, work, and a one year old daughter, having three close Regionals was ideal. Less travel is the goal for me here. Haha.


Have you ever heard the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Because I don’t think TPCi has.


They did the same thing with Boston and Kansas City. I can’t speak to Boston or Vancouver, but Kansas City was one of the most well run Regionals I’ve ever been to.

I think they’re only picking the Regionals with the most attendance in prior years to run this year. Hopefully they have faith that the new Regionals structure will increase attendance a lot and add new ones (or just add back the old ones) in 2017-2018.


You do know that those two things have 0 interaction with each other, right?


Really, this just kinda kills the best format since HGSS rotated.


I don’t understand this statement. Are you saying that the decision to not renew a Regionals location impacts your perception of a format’s quality?


Well, if you can’t play in a format, it doesn’t matter how well-balanced it is or how little item lock it has.

Please be Kitchener, please be Kitchener…


What’s the point of me praising a format if I can’t play in it?


0% chance Kitchener gets a Regional this year. Toronto might be a different story but I wouldn’t expect it since it hasn’t been announced.


Has Idaho ever had a regional and will there be one this year?


I’ve heard that Canada is effectively killing OP above League Cups (except the players can play in Intercontinentals).


No and no.

There appear to be no Regionals in Canada, so yes.


Thanks Pokémon. Nice to know you care about us up here in Canada. Love you too.


If there really are not going to be any regionals in Canada, that is truly ridiculous and a slap in the face to every Canadian Pokemon player.


Companies often make decisions out of financial interests. It is what it is.


Ontario will have a Regional sometime in May. More details TBA.


Chris, you have the estimated dated for the Athens, GA Regional as on January 15/16. This would put the event on Sunday the 15th & Monday the 16th. The 16th is Martin Luther King Memorial Day, however… Just checking if this might be a typo or if you know more? As always thank you for compiling this so the we can plan and am no way am I being critical. Thanks again.


You’re correct in that it’s the 14th and 15th, a typo for sure. Thank you!


Any info on league cups?