2016-2017 Season Schedule and Information


Yes and it was a state level tournament.

Considering that Gencon is about 5 times bigger then Origins, I was hoping that they would do the same for There. Not the win a trip part… Too close to worlds to make that work but something more then a LC.

I just don’t think they know what they want to do at these gaming conventions… There are so many comic, anime and gaming oriented conventions that Pokemon could have a place at if they just had a plan to deal with them.


I know we should hold Pokemon responsible for making these relationships, but there’s nothing stopping local organizers from sanctioning their own tournaments at these events with a design of their choice (like ARG). I plan to reach out to a local anime convention this year to see if we can get a big Pokemon tournament going there. If it gets attention and has success, it gives Pokemon more motivation to attach points to it.


Pokemon doesn’t need to be responsible they just need to have a plan and a process to get these events included in the championship points race. Their are enough people like yourself that will take it from there. but it’s a chicken and an egg thing. Pokemon won’t give up championship points unless the event is big enough and players won’t attend the event of their are no points to gain.

I would personally sponsor a $1000 tournament at $20 a person if I thought that it would pull a minimum of 40 players just to get things going. But without the points to go along with it the players don’t seem interested.


I would argue that Pokemon putting a plan and process in place is holding Pokemon responsible for making this a possibility. I think we’re in complete agreement here.


New information about next year available now:



I’m really, really hoping this thread is obsolete by September 1st…

…but in case it isn’t, am adding Regionals as they get announced today.


Monona link doesn’t work


Link changed—Monona Terrace updated their website.


Philadelphia Regionals is not stated on the link.


Good catch. It was, but is no longer. I will make note.


SoCal regionals February 18-19. http://secondcitygym.com/premiereevents/save-the-date-for-anaheim-regionals-2017


Philadelphia regionals is Expanded.
Link for details: http://philadelphiapokemon.com/tcgregionals.html


Do we know if anything has been announced regarding Kitchener, Edmonton, and Vancouver Regionals?


I sent a message to the TO for Vancouver so I’ll post once I hear back from her.


(Maybe) I’ll send Marvin an email, but he is notoriously unreliable when it comes to future events.


No New England Regional this year:



Yeah—I’m just behind on the map with SF and all. No Edmonton either, it’s widely believed. Might be the end of the schedule.


Any news on Vancouver Regs?


Think there will be anything for Florida after this October? Maybe next October?


I was hoping with no cities and no states next season that there might be a few more regionals. However, I see Massachusetts will not happen and nothing has been posted for Kitchener or Kansas City. Is it possible that a few places that have never hosted a regionals event before will be hosting one for the first time?