2016-2017 Season Schedule and Information


Mid-November has been what I’ve been hearing since early September.

(That is, distributors will begin to work with LGS on the initial setup for the event at that point…who knows when we actually start to see tournaments.)


Considering most stores plan their events a month out - mid-December, maybe? We might just get the marathons everyone wanted back just so we can fit the League Cups in for Q2.


The loss of the marathons I think is the biggest loss of this new format. Personally I felt those were the most fun tournaments of the season


Marathons are still a possibility under this structure. They simply require a lot more coordination, as each event theoretically will have an independent TO.


Until we get more details, I don’t see why one TO can’t be responsible for all of them. It’s rumored to be limited by venue, not organizer.


Do we have any info on the other internationals?


Nothing official from Pokémon as of yet. I did poke around the calendars of some major convention centers in the Asia-Pacific region (events sometimes appear there after contracts are signed but before an official announcement), but didn’t find anything. With the run-up to Sun and Moon, the company is probably pretty busy, but I hope we get some info before the London IC.



Still no word on League Cups?


Not a peep. And at this point, we aren’t likely to see any news on them until next week at the earliest.


This could get ugly real fast… even when we do hear about League Cups it will take stores and organizers time to fit them into their schedule. Then we can expect that those first ones will be highly attended, and the new stores that can now run these won’t know what to expect so they will be unprepared. League locations will be way past their capacity! A disaster of biblical proportions will ensue
Old Testament, Real wrath-of-God type stuff! Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria! (Sorry got carried away Ghostbusters was on TV last night)

Anyway I predict the first ones will be a real joy to attend!


Well, that’s what we said last time, and the time before, and the time before…[quote=“KPiplup, post:204, topic:9076, full:true”]
Mid-November has been what I’ve been hearing since early September.

(That is, distributors will begin to work with LGS on the initial setup for the event at that point…who knows when we actually start to see tournaments.)

So I wouldn’t expect any League Cups until the next quarter, if we keep going at this rate.



Edmonton, Alberta gets two League Cup sanctioned leagues. Organizers are looking at January in order to be able to work around everyone who’s going to Regionals/weddings/etc.

I think Calgary is getting two or three League Cup sanctions as well, but I’m not completely sure. There was a poll about what formats the League Cups should be on the Edmonton Pokemon page.

I feel like I’m both being helpful and not being helpful with this information. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure how many other Special Events have been allocated so far this year … but Alberta (which had the smallest NA Regionals for the last two seasons) was given a Special Event to run at A Taste Of Animethon conference on January 21st, 2017.


It’ll be a one-day expanded tournament. Look forward to seeing everyone there! :slight_smile:


Looks like League Cups are finally rolling around…

In the new year.

Well, two of them at least.



The information just got around to organizers in the last week or two, so that’s likely the reason the dates are so late, and so sparse.


You know what is really sad:

That you have to preregister for a League Cup.

Back in my day, you could just walk into any tournament, Regionals and Nationals included, and say “sign me up”

Now you have to preregister for a glorified City Championship?

Give me a break.

And I’m not even going to those LCs.



when I left the structure and organization were really bad, but it seems like they’ve gotten worse.


There seems to be a major communication problem at Pokemon constantly. In an age where every other massive game has either a very communicative company or a community team directly responsible for at least managing the masses, Pokemon has chosen to operate more like the Wizard of Oz than anything, and it’s super frustrating.

Their inability to treat their client base with any sort of respect leaves me wondering if it’s worth continuing to invest my time and money into their game. They won’t fail without me playing it, of course, but I feel like my money and time would be better spent elsewhere if this continues to be their standard operating model.


TPCI’s issues don’t stem from a lack of respect-much more likely it is a lack of sufficient manpower. In a perfect world, they would send someone back in time about a year to warn them that Pokémon Go will be far bigger than they expect, and that the 20th anniversary and Sun and Moon are going to sap their resources, so they’re going to need a few extra hands before things get crazy. I won’t give the organization as a whole a free pass or anything, but I do think characterizing the company as outright disrespectful is unfair and untrue.


I would’ve agreed with you before they did the League Cup distribution.