2016-2017 Season Schedule and Information


AZ regionals

Once again Pokemon vastly under estimates attendance

Total 733 players
MA. 459 139.
SR 71 15
JR 38 11


From @kazambolt’s last article:

If we can expect things to continue to parallel Magic, though, expect Regionals to grow exponentially. 700+ will probably become the norm very quickly. Get ready for some long days of Pokémon!

TPCi TO: :thinking: (plans for 300)


The issue is for the TO’s to prepare for for large events…

It is so much easier to set for 500 and use 400 then to set for 300 and need 400… They they did here in AZ


Ah, gotcha. Was there preregistration for Phoenix? So maybe they could have guessed better?


Yes a pre Reg link and it was required…

But everything ran behind so far… They opened the doors 30 min late and the players meeting was 2hours late…

They say this is the biggest they have ever had here by far

This being the first regionals that is not competing with other regionals and with them allowing points from 8 regionals… TO’s need to be prepared for record breaking numbers at every event.

The space here is big enough


I love how so many people were hoping at least Ontario would have a regionals, but when it was announced no one said anything.


Hey Chris, Can you update it to show Mexico City and Toronto Regionals, and European Internationals?


I will add Toronto and EU to the list shortly.

I would note that Ives Roundtree, organizer for Mexico City, has said the date is still TBD for that event. As such, I’m going to omit it for now.


Thanks! I hope to see you and some other members in Toronto this May!


Are there going to be other non-listed Regionals.


Theoretically, no. I don’t have an explanation for the Mexico thing if that’s what you’re asking about.


I’m going to London for intercontinentals and it is at the Excel center on December 9,10,11 2016 format TBA


Some of the regionals haven’t had their format listed yet, despite being released.



Any news on the League Cups? There still aren’t any in my area, does anyone else have them?


There is no news. Mid-November is supposedly the target.


Any information regarding Pokemon pricing/ recommended hotels for ft Wayne or Dallas? Trying to book now. Thanks


It might not hurt to check out AirBNB if the hotel prices are to steep. I went that route for Philly and found a place within a few miles of the convention center for less than $200 total for Fri & Sat night.


For Dallas:


Just got the link to book rooms at $99 rate for the regional championship.


@Adam’s Dallas link is 100% the best option.

In Fort Wayne, the two best hotel options are the Hilton Fort Wayne and Courtyard Downtown/Grand Wayne Center.

If they still have rooms/the discount is active:

Hilton: http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/groups/personalized/F/FWAFHHF-POK-20161125/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG



I am sure I know the answer to this question but I’m bored so…

Has anyone heard anything about League Cups?