2016-2017 Season Schedule and Information


Disclaimer: All information in this thread is current and accurate to the best of my ability. Sometimes, sources will be fallible. I attempt to link to sources when possible. Please avoid making irreversible travel decision purely on the information in this post. This thread is for informational purposes only. Seek the Organizer for more details.

This thread is for US/Canada. Anyone who would like to point me in the direction of information for the APAC, SA, or EU zones is encouraged to do so.

2016/2017 Season Begins: July 11th

2016/2017 Prereleases:

Steam Siege Prereleases: July 23/24, 30/31
Steme Seige Release: August 3
Steam Siege Legal: August 19

Evolutions Prereleases: October 22/23, 29/30
Evolutions Release: November 2
Evolutions Legality: November 18

SM1 Prereleases: January 21/22, 28/29 (Speculative)
SM1 Release: February 1 (Speculative)
SM1 Legality: February 17 (Speculative)

SM2 Prereleases: April 22/23, 29/30 (Speculative)
SM2 Release: May 3 (Speculative)
SM2 Legality: May 19 (Speculative)

2016 World Championships (XY-STS) — August 19-22

Standard Format Rotation to PRC-on: September 1

2016-2017 Regional Championships

Date: Venue (with source link) — City, ST — Format

1/2: Phoenix Convention Center — Phoenix, AZ — Expanded
15/16: ​​DoubleTree by Hilton at the Entrance to Universal Orlando — Orlando, FL — Standard

5/6: Philadelphia Convention Center — Philadelphia, PA — Expanded
(Evolutions Legal 11/18)
26/27: Grand Wayne Convention Center — Fort Wayne, IN — Standard

9: Salamence-EX/Garchomp-EX Promos Legal
17/18: San Jose Convention Center — San Jose, CA — Expanded
30: Snorlax-GX Promo Legal
31/1: Hyatt Regency DFW — Dallas, TX — Standard
Note: Giratina Promo will become legal sometime after its “December” release, but no date has been confirmed to this point.

14/15: Classics Center — Athens, GA — Standard
27: BREAK Evolution Box #3 Legal

(SM1 Legal 2/17)
18/19: Business Expo Center — Anaheim, CA — Standard

4/5: Gateway Center — Collinsville, IL — Expanded
25/26: Oregon Convention Center — Portland, OR — Expanded

8/9: Utah State Fairpark — Salt Lake City, UT — Standard

6/7: Berglund Special Events Center — Roanoke, VA — Standard
(SM2 Legal 5/19)
13/14: International Plaza Hotel — Toronto, ON — Expanded
27/28: Washington State Convention Center — Seattle, WA — Standard

3/4: Monona Terrace — Madison, WI — Standard
TBA: Centro de Convenciones Expo Reforma — Mexico City, MX

Continental Championships

North America:
Latin America:
Asia Pacific:

2017 World Championships

Anaheim, California

Key Dates
For the future when people start asking next July “When was Rotation announced?”

First Regional Dates Leak: July 22, 2016
TPCi 2017 Information Update: August 8, 2016

Thoughts on a big unsanctioned event?
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I’ll source links later, but I spent the time I had instead scouring the other venues/cities. Nothing else at this point.

It would appear:
-No States.
-Regionals year-round.


I wouldn’t mind States mirroring the Star City Games format:

All States in the SCG Tour have the “Standard States” event on the same Sat in March, and “Modern States” on the following Sunday. So it’s a “States” weekend - one weekend per year.


It’d be a nice idea, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening this year.


Starting to look like Europe and Latin America. I like it.


The Star city games Magic tournaments are independent of wizards of the coast right? They sponsor their own prizes and everything. Well anyone want to try and organize independant “states” tournaments?


I heard nats might be leaving for continental tournaments, basically combining Canada America and possible Mexico for nationals.


That’s the prevailing rumor.


ARG is hosting an initial tournament in a “Pokemon Circuit Series” (it appears they do other circuit series as well). I don’t really know much about the organization or how well received their other series are, but the first Pokemon tournament they’re hosting is Sunday July 31st outside of the Philadelphia area. It seems like they’re prepared to step up to fill a void if a void appears.


More info on that here for anyone interested:



Added Seattle and links. OR source link is no longer available due to a website flaw, but the screenshot of the date lives on (see Virbank, I can’t link to it).


On their website it said 5/6, not 3/4.


Helps to look at the right year on my own calendar…



Any word on if Regionals are still expanded, etc… ?


No word either way. It’s probably safe to expect some sort of change from the mono-Expanded format though, all Expanded Regionals would leave Standard completely in the dust with no States.


Any word on whether they will randomly pop up events like Origins that have heretofore unannounced CP awards? Those are my favorite.


Mostly speculation:

I expect the SPT CP category to be renamed “Special Premier Event” and be featured at gaming conventions throughout the year.


Gencon is in Indianapolis next weekend Aug 4-7 and they have 7 league challenges scheduled for the weekend

And Meggacon in Jackson Michigan on September 17 & 18 will have 2 league challenges.

But Pokemon doesn’t seem to be willing to do anything more then LC for conventions right now


Origins win a trip happened?