2016/2017 Best Finish Limits

Since this finally broke…

Summer League Challenge: Best of 2
Autumn League Challenge: Best of 2 (w/Cups)
Winter League Challenge: Best of 2 (w/Cups)
Spring League Challenge: Best of 2 (w/Cups)

Autumn League Cup: Best of 2 (w/LCs)
Winter League Cup: Best of 2 (w/LCs)
Spring League Cup: Best of 2 (w/LCs)
(Summer League Cup: Best of 2 [None for 2016-2017 season])

Regional Championships+2016 World Championships: Best of 8


What exactly is the border between Summer and Autumn? Is it the actual date?

September 30th.

October 1st-December 31st
January 1st-March 31st
April 1st-June 30th
July 1st-September 30th

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Would add that Continentals should be BFL 1?

Can we assume that it will be April 1st - July ~15 to accommodate US nationals and the switching of seasons?

And still no mention of League Cups…

Meaning that they are in the same group? Like, if you win two lcs and a league cup, you get the points only from the league cup and one lc?

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Yea is this true? This is a huge change

Which is no more…

I think that they will be the week that Canadian Nationals were OR it will be extended to the Monday after when US Nationals were.

So… Now who thinks that the invite code requirement will be more than 300?

One hundred percent. Especially since local events count for up to 330 points this season (400 in the next seasons). Regionals will be a game changer, because you can score up to 1200 points. I predict that the perfect season this year will be 2030 points.

This feels so… illogical. Maybe for Europe where going to 8 regionals is a far cheaper and far more easy task, does this make sense - but in the US? People would have to pay 400 on average per flight and more with hotel in order to hit enough regionals outside of driving distance and no information about payouts as well makes all of this feel shady. I can understand combining it to 8 finishes now that states are gone, but regionals are no where near as accessible as regionals + states were. This just doesn’t make sense at all to me

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“Independently run nationals will be considered on a case-by-case basis…”

Obviously not what he was referring to here, but something to bear in mind. If any country would have an approve national, it’s the US.

Keep in mind that the goal here is to encourage as many people as possible to play as much Pokemon as possible. A Best Finish Limit can act counter to that goal. I would say somewhere around 98% of players won’t approach this limit, and I suspect approaching it will not be necessary to earn an Invite.

I believe this is their way of effectively having no Best Finish Limit, while protecting against the people who are going to inevitably attend all 18 North American events. It’s no BFL for most of us, it’s a super high (and incentive-laden) one for some players with the means to chase it.


It does make getting stipends and day 2 more difficult and dependent on how many weekends you can get off work. My main concern is the path to an invite, which we do not know yet.

This is the point where you just want TPCi to tell us what the hell is going on with this season.

Seriously, it’s two weeks after rotation, and practically nothing has been revealed.



I agree with this, although I’d be interested in seeing the reasoning behind combining the best finish limits for League Challenges and League Cups. I suppose your more competitive players can ignore League Challenges (somewhat) after this, leaving them more effective as entry-level events, but I’d prefer to have seen a lower point value for League Challenges with their own bucket than to see them combined with League Cups (at least, from where we’re sitting now).

Obviously the execution may feel different, but it’s a confusing change if you want to see more people playing more Pokemon.

This I agree with for sure. It does go in the opposite direction of what they’ve done recently.

I think this is an intentional byproduct of the system. When you make the top prize harder to attain, you may shrink the pool of people that aim for it marginally, but it’s likely that those who were previously pursuing it will adjust their level of pursuit to accommodate for that greater difficulty. Essentially, the people that were gunning for Top 16 last year might fall in number somewhat, but that drop will be compensated for when the people still aiming for Top 16 simply aim higher.

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I just hope they provide decent stipends to players who want to travel far to make more tournaments. I remember there was talk in stipends to foreign tournaments or is that more about the general prize pool?


I can’t see this happening at all. Pretty sure that Continentals are going to be held somewhere in the US, and the Nationals TPCi is talking about would go to countries such as South Africa, which have OP but no Continentals.