2015 World Championship Details (Mostly Side Events)


Key notes:
The Boston Open is an XY-ROS Regional-level CP event on Saturday. Open to 512 Masters and 256 Jr/Srs.
Other side events include Prereleases and “Win a Welcome Kit” events.


The Boston Open is now BCR-ROS.


I studied that side event schedule carefully. There are some interesting events in the docket. Two questions:

How does that side event schedule compare to prior years in terms of variety and quality of prizes?

How do I obtain entry tickets?

I can actually see myself entering an event or two depending on how the venue is laid out.

Partially depends on Welcome Kit quality—I’ll go on record as expecting a significant drop in that quality. It’s a substantial uptick from last year though—and there weren’t any notable side events in 2013.

At Nationals they were $5 and obtainable at a booth. My guess is that they may be sold via the Worlds store. But $5 for sure (Prereleases are 6 tickets).

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Ahhhh… it’s all coming together now.

When the Worlds format was announced last year that there would be no more LCQ, I KNEW they didn’t want to give up that LCQ cash.

So: “Boston Open” - there’s the LCQ $10,000

Whatever the case - SIGN ME UP!

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I’ve cleaned up the thread since the Boston Open page now explicitly states the 2015 format (which, yes, is BCR-ROS).

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I will be entering this if I don’t make it past day 1. Do the points apply to the regional’s BFL?


The Championship Points distribution will be the same as a Regional Championships event, and will count toward the Regionals Best Finish Limit.

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So, the 2014-15 year is my last year in seniors. The 2015-16 season is my first year in Masters
If I want to participate in the Boston open, am I a senior or master for the event?

You’ll be in Masters since the event gives out CP towards the 2015-16 season.

More importantly, the 2015-2016 Season already started. So you’ll be in Masters for any event now.

In Fall 13 Philly Regionals, I sat down to my first round opponent. He was a bit nervous but very friendly. His first words to me: “This is my first tournament as a Master.” I chuckled and replied, “Me too.” This was funny because he was playing a pokedad in the dad’s first tournament!!! So, I went on to win (Virizion/Genesect vs Blastoise), we shook hands, encouraged each other, and went on our way. His name was Andrew Estrada. Point of the story: don’t be nervous about your first tournament as a Master - you can be world champion!


Does anyone know if there will be an open-gaming room at worlds?

There always is. No word on whether there will be, but there hasn’t not been one in recent times.

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Just went to book a hotel within walking distance of the event (and had a reputation that makes me feel like I won’t get bedbugs). When I saw the prices, my mouth went dry and I became short of breath.

Ladies and gentlemen, if your parents are financing your trip to Worlds, you really need to be creative and sincere in the way you express your gratitude. It will mean a lot in your relationship.

If you are financing your trip to Worlds by sharing the cost with lots of people who have jobs, I am so jealous. So very jealous…


Im walking to worlds :blush::blush::blush::blush: from my house

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I just thought of this.
If the Boston Open is has a Regional-level rewarding system, will the 1st place winner get 2 byes to next year’s nats?
EDIT: They get 2 byes to the player’s respective nats.

No. International Players make this a no-go.

My parents booked an AirBnB across the river. It came out cheaper than a hotel room.