2015-2016 Season Schedule and Info (Regionals/SPT Dates & More)

Disclaimer: All information in this thread is current and accurate to the best of my ability. Sometimes, sources will be fallible. I attempt to link to sources when possible. Please avoid making irreversible travel decision purely on the information in this post. This thread is for informational purposes only. Seek the Organizer for more details.

This thread is for US/Canada. Anyone who would like to point me in the direction of information for the APAC, SA, or EU zones is encouraged to do so.

Deadline to report CP Problems to Support for TCG Worlds: July 10th
VGC Invitations Finalized: July 13th (I would anticipate a similar date for TCG, but there’s no official word).

2016 Season Begins: July 13th/18th

(The 18th is the first legal day for League Challenges. The 13th is the day the Event Locator indicates the season starts).

Ancient Origins Prereleases: August 1st/2nd, 8th/9th
Ancient Origins Release: August 12th

2015 World Championships: August 21st-23rd

Standard Format Rotation to XY-on: September 1st
Ancient Origins Legal: September 2nd

Autumn Regionals

Week 1: October 3rd/4th
Houston, TX (Event Info) (Marriott Houston South/Hobby Airport) (6P Thread)
Phoenix, AZ (Event Info) (Phoenix Convention Center) (6P Thread)

Week 2: October 10th/11th
Lancaster, PA (Event Info) (Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center) (6P Thread)

Week 3: October 17th/18th
Fort Wayne, IN (Event Info) (Grand Wayne Convention Center) (6P Thread)
San Jose, CA (Event Info) (Santa Clara County Fairgrounds)
Vancouver, BC (1 Day) (Empire Landmark Hotel) (6P Thread)

BREAKthrough Prereleases: October 24/25 and October 31/November 1st.
BREAKthrough Release: November 4th. Every November set in the past 3 years has seen a release on the 1st Wednesday of November.
BREAkthrough Legal: November 25th.

City Championships

Friday, November 27th-Sunday January 17th (end date per precedence).

BREAKpoint Prerelease: Precedent puts these on January 23rd/24th and 30th/31st.
BREAKpoint Release: February 3rd.

Winter Regionals

Winter Regionals Details

Week 1: February 13th/14th
Doswell, VA (Meadow Event Park)

Week 2: February 20th/21st
Anaheim, CA (Business Expo Center)
Collinsville, IL (Gateway Center)

BREAKpoint Legal: February 24th

Week 3: February 27th/28th
Kissimmee, FL (Park Inn by Radisson) (PTO Website)
Clackamas, OR (Monarch Hotel and Conference Center)

State/Provincial/Territorial Championships


Alberta: 3/19
British Columbia: 4/9.
Ontario: 4/2
Quebec: ?/?

Fates Collide Prereleases: per precedent, April 23/April 24 and April 30/May 1st.
Fates Collide Released: May 4th.

Spring Regionals:

Spring Regionals Details

Week 1: May 14
Seattle, WA (Seattle Center)
Kitchener, ON (Bingeman’s FunworX)

Week 2: May 21
Madison, WI (Madison Monona Terrace Convention Center)
Athens, GA (Classic Center)

Fates Collide Legal: May 25th

Week 3: May 28
Salt Lake City, UT (Utah State Fair Park) (via reliable sources)
Marlborough, MA (Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel)
Edmonton, AB (Radisson Hotel Edmonton South)
Kansas City, MO (???)


Greater Columbus Convention Center
July 1-3. Likely to be check-in on June 30.

2016 World Championships

When it comes around next Summer, this will go in the new thread, but for now, we know:
August 19-21 (check-in possible on August 18)
Marriott Marquis San Francisco

Key Dates
For the future when people start asking next July “When was Rotation announced?”

Format Rotation Announced: July 15th, 2015
Worlds Invite Emails: July 16th, 2015
U.S. Nationals Stipends Received (1st day): August 3rd, 2015
2016 Championship Series Timeline/CP Structure Announced: August 28th, 2015
2015 Fall Regionals Dates Official on Pokemon.com: August 28th, 2015
Spring Dates begin to Leak/Winter Dates almost complete: late November, 2015.
Dark Arts of the Internet Unveil Worlds Location/Date: November 30th, 2015.
Actual Pokemon Reveal of the Worlds Location/Date: December 8th, 2015.
Relavent/Useful Worlds Info Released (i.e. Qualification Levels/Structure): December 15th, 2015.
TPCi Gives us (almost) all of the Regionals’ Info: December 23rd, 2015.
v1 of States Map Compiled (~50% of States known): January 18th
Word is provided that U.S. Nationals will be announced “next week”: January 19th, 2016.
Nationals Location Announced: January 27th, 2016.
Stipends Announced: Early June
2016-17 Rotation Announced: July 2nd, 2016.


Throughout the year, please feel free to post any and all info you have regarding dates for States/Regionals.

International Players: Feel free to PM me with info and I’ll attempt to accommodate.

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@KPiplup Thank you so much for doing up this list! Makes me have a much easier time with this stuff.

Just a heads up, KS regionals are in Overland Park, not Leawood (though both are suburbs to KC.) but thanks! This makes planning my season a hell of a lot easier!

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If memory serves, the address I was given was in Leawood. But either way, will change to KC.

What do you mean? I went this year and it was at Overland Park convention center. Are they moving it?

No. Long story. Basically, TPCi listed it as Leawood.

I know it was at the Overland Park CC. Either way, we can agree it’s a KC suburb.

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Thank you @KPiplup! This has been a ton of help!

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Oh ok. That makes sense.

Probably should’ve done this before posting in the first place, but I’ve taken a look through all of the past Regionals venues’ websites and unearthed dates for Phoenix and San Jose.


Vancouver has been confirmed by the PTO to be on Oct 17 as a one day event.

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And I’ve had PA confirmed to be Week 2. Fall complete.

A friend of mine who staffs in CA recieved an email from the PTO for NorCal saying that NorCal will be on the 17-18.

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PA Regionals will be in Lancaster this year. Visit the TO’s website for more information. I live in Lancaster area. In my opinion, this is an outstanding development as the venue is perfect. As we get closer to the date, I will write up a Lancaster FYI as people from out of state may need some tips on travel and lodging. While this may be a longer drive for some, overall the cost for lodging and food will be so much less that it will definitely be an overall positive. More later…


Thanks for catching this. I read it wrong on the venue website.

NorCal will be in San Jose. Pretty sure at the same place ir was last year.

winter regionals last year were in Portland Oregon not Salem Oregon

Fair enough. I just pulled from my list last year (which was pulled from 2013).

It’s not terribly relavent until we have a date. Thanks for the catch though.

Worth noting: Appears all Regionals will be Expanded this year, per the posting of reliable sources on the Virbank City Facebook group.


Vancouver PTO has informed me that the venue is the Empire Landmark Hotel and the format is expanded. Also, the event will be one day only.

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