2014 Worlds Site Posted


Humbly, I find that theme to be by far the ugliest since I’ve been playing.


Yeah, that’s not exactly my favourite theme of all time (that would be Hawaii 2010).

Whaaaaaat, I find this Worlds theme to be super cool, last years was kinda bleh though.

For the record, the “as long as I’ve been playing” means 2011-on. I personally concur with b_m that 2010 is the best, and I don’t even think it’s close. 2011 had its fans, and I can understand that. 2012 underwhelmed me compared to 2010, and 2013 was just weird (but better then this).

This one makes me cringe though. Megas? Meh. It looks more like a GTS or Global Link logo then a theme for the biggest event of the year.

I hate the new logo. It reminds me a lot of the UN logo. Definitely not a fan of the lack of cultural representation in the logo.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Super Pikachu?


The doublade on top is nice, but all the other pokemon make it look like the UN during a fight. The flag is a little too UN-ish.

Did anyone scroll down and see the thing with the logo and “twitch” next to it???


I don’t mind the deliberate UN reference (Worlds is where nations unite to play Pokemon), and the Superman thing is a cultural reference, but it can be an ambiguous one, so that’s quite clever.

My main issue is that the Pokemon are mostly limited to a few Megas . . . which tend to be quite ugly. Especially Zard Y.

Exactly my issue. UN reference isn’t too terrible (though it definitely suggests to me that NYC will not happen in the near future, as that’d be a much more appropriate city to use this for).

One of my favorite things about the Worlds themes is the plethora of Pokemon that are usually on them. Regardless of how bland the backdrop is (See: 2013), there’s at least some amount of character to the theme because of the variety of Pokemon included.

This year’s betrays past tendency (pretty much this season in a nutshell, so I shouldn’t be surprised) in favor of…this? 6 Pokemon? 2 sets of 2 that are duplicates of each other? Ehh. As I said above, it seems more appropriate as a GTS logo.

To me, I just think this logo is sort of bland; it doesn’t make me think think of worlds. This has no cultural reference of any kind, maybe they could have Pikachu wearing a George Washington wig. Like @KPiplup said, it looks like a GLOBAL LINK LOGO! I mean, Megas? Come on TPCI!

Superman is one heck of a cultural reference.

But here is my favourite Worlds artwork

Yes, it’s very Gen II because the GS remakes were happening, but see how they go for the Stage 1s, Smoochum, Bellossom, Lanturn . . . nothing so obvious as 'here’s a couple of big fat ugly Megas . . . ’ If they wanted to do that, they could have used Donphan.

The colours (mostly blues, reds, greens) work well together, and the location is referenced by the volcano.


It was under the banner

I don’t know how many people saw it. I suppose you could ask TPCI how many hits they got on the page, and that would give you a very rough idea. Of course, some people may not have scrolled down, or closed the page without looking, so you can never have a completely accurate answer.

Why is it important? We’ve known for a long time that there would be a live stream from Worlds. They auditioned commentators months ago.

I didn’t want to have an offici count. I meant “how many people” as in like, “say if you saw it”. I didn’t mean an exact number. Also, I understand it will be streamed, but what does “twitch” mean? Like the movement? Maybe I’m out of the loop, but I thought it was strange

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Twitch is the name of the streaming site they use.


Ok. Thanks.

I guess they could of made it clear for people who have been away for a month and haven’t followed any news. (Aka me) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: