2014-2015 Season Regionals/States Locations/Dates

Would love to see 60 minutes like the LCQ was. That was a good amount of time for best of 3. Will that happen? No clue.

Just have fun, and lose yourself in the game. Enjoy your time there, it ends eventually. Meet up with friends, eat good food!

The table from Section 3.3.5 of the Tournament Operations Procedures, 410+ gets Top 32 or all X-2 + 6 rounds as opposed to only +5 last year. I believe this would’ve mattered in Fort Wayne, IN and St. Louis, MO; but nowhere else last year.

That document can be found here: http://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/about/tournaments-rules-and-resources/

Information on Regionals in general:

Keep in mind that at this point, the CP payouts appear to be a bit up in the air. Pokemon’s website lists last year’s CP in the prize payout location, but the PTOs posting information are using an alternative structure similar to 2012’s.

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With the X-2 (7-2 with 9 rounds) would 21 points as 6-0-3 still guarantee you cut.

I see the San Jose CP payout has lessened. 120 for 1st, 110 for 2nd, 90 for top4, and 70 for t8.

Yes, 6-0-3 is equivalent to 7-2 for that purpose.

There’s not yet been a case of it mattering though. 19 points has been the T32 cutoff almost unilaterally.

As for the CP structure: I’d noticed a few of the PTOs posting that structure, but now, the majority list the structure on Pokemon’s website. The 120/110/etc. structure appears to be intended for VGC. However, at this stage, it’s generally unclear.

I would be very surprised if you tied 3 times in one tournament.

Oh haha you think that isn’t normal. Look at all the big tournament records, there are tons of times that happens.

Wow. I am impressed. I haven’t actually been to a major premier event yet, so I really wouldn’t know. I am going to PA Regionals though…

Going to the Fort Wayne one seeing as a literally life down the street from it. This will be my first big event every and really excited for it.

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Lucky you lol. Gotta drive a few hours to get there.


No suprise it’s not in anywhere out of US. Sutton Cottefield is normally the only place that actually does Regionals in Europe. (As I’m aware of right now). Oh well, glad there is alot of locations to choose from for those in US.

London, Leeds, Manchester, Wales, Edinburgh, Cornwall, and that’s just the UK. France, Germany and The Netherlands all have them too.

Oh seriously? Awesome! Thanks, I’ll try getting to one of those. Thanks for telling me :slight_smile:

Most of the announcements go on Facebook before anywhere else so check on there often. Pokemon TCG Social UK is a big hub for announcements.

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Yeah, Normally I get announcments for VGC on there as well. Awesome, thanks!

Don’t be. There are ways to tie best-of-one matches, according to the PTO who said I tied a guy at a tournament last season. She said me and my opponent tied even though it was best-of-one and I was up on prizes.

How does that work? That makes no sence to me, although, I’m not an expert

I’m going to point all of you in the direction of the Rules documents and curtail the discussion of things not related to Regionals.

Section 8. Alternatively, if the direct link fails, it’s TCG Rules and Formats on this page: http://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/about/tournaments-rules-and-resources/

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It made no sense to me either.