2014-2015 Season Regionals/States Locations/Dates

Does anyone have any tips for a first timer? (Thats me!:smiley:). I’ve never been to anything like regionals,
Just a Furrious Fists prerelease. (And league plays/tournaments).

Have fun and don’t expect to do well, if you expect to do well and don’t you make it a lot less enjoyable. Big tournaments are all about fun, doing well is just a bonus. That being said I really wanna do well at AZ Regionals :stuck_out_tongue:

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Get there 1-2 hours early (I’ve learned that the hard way.).

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Well, I’m playing aegislash, so I don’t have to worry about failing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. It is very possible that it will happen.

Keep in mind that there will probably be no lunch break if you’re in Masters (in North America), and if you intend on playing the entire event, it will be a very late day. It’d be wise to bring food of some sorts.


^You really should do that.

Probly going to Philly, interesting how the other 2 regs are moved back though.

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Dissapointed to find out that Norcal and Vancouver BC are on the same weekend. Probably means I’ll just be going to Canada.

I’m not in masters yet, so… Is there a lunch break for seniors?

There’s a chance there will, there’s a chance there won’t. That’ll be PTO specific.

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Not announced yet. PTOs Apply for Regionals and the Leagues organising the Regional will be announce and dates and venues will be confirmed shortly. Hang on for a few weeks as it is likely it will be announced is September.

I echo this to players in the UK as well as Masters has 7-8 rounds plus Top 8 in one day so the only breaks you get is the one before Top Cut.

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I definitely agree that you should probably bring your own food and drinks, or at the very least a snack like a power bar. Most of the Masters division Regionals I’ve attended had a lunch break, but they’re also very unpredictable which is why it’s a good idea to bring your own food (it’s also cheaper too). Seniors should get a lunch break, but I would still rather bring lunch and have a lunch break than come unprepared and have them cut it out due to some major delay.

If you get a large fast food-type breakfast and have several snacks in your bag along with some water/juice it should be enough to get you through the day. Lunch is overrated anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wouldn’t count on it this year unless you miss the 9th round.

Why? I remember one year we started late and had 9 rounds of 60 minute Swiss (before 50 minute BO3) and were still able to squeeze one in. It’s not exactly the most consistent thing ever, but lunch breaks can still happen if the PTO is organized enough/there’s few enough players for 8 rounds.

There’s never been more then 30 minute Swiss until this year. Not sure what you’re remembering.

Pretty sure that’s what I just said, no?

Ahem, well this is embarrassing. Don’t know where I pulled 60 minutes from (probably from top cut or something).

I still believe that they could work in a lunch break though, again largely depending on how organized they are and the actual attendance. (If round 1 starts at 9:30am it is possible to get in nine 50 minute rounds and a 30 minute lunch break before 9:30pm, even when accounting for unexpected delays and other setbacks.)

Any word if Swiss is still going to be 50 minutes, best of three?

11:00 PM was the earliest a regional with 9 rounds concluded Day 1 last year. That’s unacceptable. The precedent was set at Nats and Worlds that lunch breaks are expendable. I expect that precedent isn’t going anywhere.

No word at all about anything in regards to next season, but TPCI seems pleased with it for whatever reason. I’m hoping the extraordinary tie rate at Worlds changes their perspective a tad.

Heard from PTO’s at Nationals/Worlds
St. Louis Winter Regional - Weekend of February 14.
SLC Spring Regional - Memorial Day Weekend (that one may be off…sounds really late in the season, but the date was from the PTO).