2014-2015 Season Regionals/States Locations/Dates

Thanks.  Good luck at LCQ/World’s if you’re going.

Where are you finding the announcements at on their website? I can’t seem to find anything there anymore with the changes they keep making…


Updated with some more dates. Cannot independently verify SLC, KS, or PHX.

Do you have any idea when Worlds 2015’s location will be announced? I’ve heard rumors that it’ll be San Francisco… Knocks on every piece of wood in the house

100% of the rumors you hear are untrustworthy.

What we do know is this: There is no location set in stone at the moment. That much was stated at Worlds. There’s things that can be deducted from circumstantial evidence, but nothing concrete is known. Rumors are hearsay.

Will direct further discussion to this thread:

I will try to go to philly. 2-3 hours by drive, but it’s ok

Nothing for the UK? :confused:

Well, if you go to the UK page on pokemon.com, you can find it

I don’t know anyone from the UK, and therefore have no way of getting information.

Does anyone have any tips for a first timer? (Thats me!:smiley:). I’ve never been to anything like regionals,
Just a Furrious Fists prerelease. (And league plays/tournaments).

Have fun and don’t expect to do well, if you expect to do well and don’t you make it a lot less enjoyable. Big tournaments are all about fun, doing well is just a bonus. That being said I really wanna do well at AZ Regionals :stuck_out_tongue:

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Get there 1-2 hours early (I’ve learned that the hard way.).

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Well, I’m playing aegislash, so I don’t have to worry about failing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. It is very possible that it will happen.

Keep in mind that there will probably be no lunch break if you’re in Masters (in North America), and if you intend on playing the entire event, it will be a very late day. It’d be wise to bring food of some sorts.


^You really should do that.

Probly going to Philly, interesting how the other 2 regs are moved back though.

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Dissapointed to find out that Norcal and Vancouver BC are on the same weekend. Probably means I’ll just be going to Canada.

I’m not in masters yet, so… Is there a lunch break for seniors?

There’s a chance there will, there’s a chance there won’t. That’ll be PTO specific.

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