"The Dragon's Den" – Friday Flyer #3: A Look at 3 Dragon Majesty-Inspired Concepts [unlocked] (1)
"A Deft Duo" – Looks at Buzzwole/Basics and Trevenant BREAK for Anaheim Expanded [unlocked] (3)
"Antics in Anaheim" – Last Looks at Lost Thunder ft. Zeraora Garbodor, Cradily Crew, & Ditto Discoveries [unlocked] (3)
"An Icy Idea" – Examining the Viability of Buzzwole FLI/Weavile UPR/Shrine of Punishments for the Philly Standard [unlocked] (1)
"A Trio of Trouble" – First Looks at Zoroark/Control, Blacephalon/Blacksmith, and Archie's Blastoise for Anaheim Expanded [unlocked] (4)
"Beating Back the Buzzwole Band" – On Countering Buzzwole/Shrine of Punishments, Zoroark/Golisopod, and Zoroark/Lycanroc for Philly [unlocked] (1)
"The Melbourne Metal March" – Alex's Melbourne SPE Report and Analysis of Metagross/Solgaleo for SUM-CES [unlocked] (1)
"Merry Times in Maryland" – 6P Podcast Ep. 27 [free] (1)
"The Top Tier" – A Profile of Zoroark/Lycanroc and Rayquaza/Vikavolt for the Philly Standard [unlocked] (1)
"A Gardevoir Guard" – Looking at Gardevoir/Swampert/Solgaleo/Ninetales in Light of Roanoke's Regional [unlocked] (3)
"The Mill Menace" – Profiling the Stupendous Stalling Strategies of the Lost Thunder Standard Format and Spicy Techs to Counter the Storm [unlocked] (3)
"Standard Suspense" – The State of Standard after Latin America's IC and Roanoke's Regional, with Looks at Malamar, Granbull, and a Zoroark Twist [unlocked] (2)
"The LAIC Lowdown" – Alex's Top 8 Buzzwole/Ninetales Recap from the Latin American International Championships [unlocked] (3)
"The Flying Foe" – Isaiah on Rayquaza/Garbodor for the World Championships [unlocked] (1)
"The Zoroark Zone Remains" – A Final Look at Zoroark/Lycanroc and Zoroark/Gardevoir for Worlds [unlocked] (1)
"Simplicity is a Virtue" – An In-Depth Guide to Straight Zoroark-GX for Worlds [unlocked] (1)
"Good 'Ole Gardevoir, Exploiting Escargo, and Greener Grass" – Looking at Gardevoir-GX/Alolan Ninetales-GX, Magcargo-GX, and Sceptile-GX for the Lost Thunder Standard Format [unlocked] (2)
"The Fiery Fumes" – The Lowdown on the Likeliest Lists for Zoroark/Magcargo for Worlds '18 [unlocked] (1)
"The (Final) Final 4" – Pablo's Look at Buzzwole, Zoroark/Control, Zoroark/Garbodor, and Rayquaza for Worlds [unlocked] (1)
"A Monstrous Time" – Looking at Hydreigon and Tyranitar for Brazil's Latin American International Championships in Lost Thunder Standard [unlocked] (5)
"The Best of the Bunch" – A Look at the Worlds Meta, Gardevoir, Gallade, and Decidueye [unlocked] (1)
"On the Spooky Side" – A Detailed Look at Banette-GX/Garbodor for the Worlds Format [unlocked] (1)
"The Control Center" – A Look at Zoroark/Control from Portland Expanded and Into Lost Thunder Standard [unlocked] (2)
"The Rarefied Air" – A Look at Magnezone and Vikavolt as Answers to the 2018 World Championships Meta [unlocked] (1)
"Getting In The Zone" - A Look at Dusk Mane Necrozma/Magnezone for Worlds' Standard [unlocked] (1)
"The Forest for the Trees" – Christopher's Look Back at Portland, ft. Trevenant BREAK Report & First Thoughts on Lost Thunder [free] (3)
"It's a Zoro-World" – A Primer on the Zoroark Variants of Celestial Storm, with Looks at Golisopod, Garbodor, and Magcargo [unlocked] (1)
"The Flaming Potential" – Pablo's Take on Zoroark/Magcargo for Celestial Storm Standard [unlocked] (1)
"An Expanded Extreme" – A Profile of a Suite of Expanded Rogues for the Portland Regional Championships [unlocked] (8)
"Temptation's Trial" – Pablo's Dilemma Between Decks That Are and Those That Ought to Be [unlocked] (3)