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"Stampede!" — On Countering Ability ReshiZard, Another Reset Stamp PikaRom, and GardEon v. ReshiZard 1 September 22, 2019
"Remember Us? (Mwahahah…)" – Midrange Zoroark-GX and the Sinister Vileplume Stall Reformulated for Santa Clara 1 May 16, 2019
"Solidified Standard" – A Look at the Established Contenders (Lightning Toolbox, Zapdos/Ultra Beasts, Blacephalon, Zororoc, and Ultra Necrozma/Malamar) for Denver Regionals 1 April 2, 2019
"Culminating w/ Coulombs 4 Columbus" – A Complete Guide to PikaRom for NAIC, Including Matchups + Lists, and a Different Take on ZapBeasts 1 June 18, 2019
"Flash Flood" – Four Revelations for NAIC, Two Main Contenders, PikaRom v6.16, and ZapBeasts Reloaded 1 June 17, 2019
"Trading in Woops" – A Journey with QuagNag through São Paulo, and Why Zoroark-GX is Now My Main Until the End of the Season 1 June 12, 2019
"The GX-Less Zone" – Updated ZapBeasts, Baby Blowns, and Lost March for Origins and NAIC 1 June 6, 2019
"How to Play with Fire" – An In-Depth Guide on ReshiZard's Matchups (from PikaRom to QuagNag to Stall), and the 2nd Place Santa Clara List Updated for Madison 1 May 29, 2019
"Gas for the Fire" – Thoughts on My Winning ReshiZard List, What to Change, and a Meta Counter (Zoroark/Slowking) for Madison 1 May 28, 2019
"Dousing the Flames" – On the Sets This Year, Countering Reshizard, Kyurem/Quagsire, and Omastar/TAG TEAMs for Madison Regionals 1 May 27, 2019
"Welcome to the Party, 'Zard" – Santa Clara Regionals Wrap-Up, Featuring: A Zoroark-Less Top 8, an Analysis of Kian's 1st-Place Reshizard, and Other Important Takeaways 1 May 20, 2019
"It's Like a Sauna in Here" – An Unbroken Bonds Review, Blastoise/Alolan Ninetales, and All-Basics Reshizard 1 May 9, 2019
"Striking the Flint" – On Unbroken Bonds, Fire, and Two Early Reshizard Decklists (One Straightforward/T1 Kiawe, One Flexible/Support) 1 May 8, 2019
"Tag Bolt, You're It" – EUIC Tournament Recap, Innovations, Our Pikarom List, and Vespiquen Honed for Hartford 1 May 1, 2019
"Hit and Run and Hit and Run and…" – Recapping the BLW–TEU Format, Expanded Now, and Hitmonchan for Hartford (with Many Matchups!) 1 April 30, 2019
"Building & Busting the Wall" – Last Word, Beast Box, and Ultra Necrozma/Malamar for EUIC (SUM–TEU) 1 April 24, 2019
"What We Thought, and Not" – Daytona Top 8 Recap, Archie's Blastoise and Shock Lock for Hartford, and a Bonus ZapBeasts List for the EUIC 1 April 23, 2019
"A Good Thing Going" – Pikarom and Hoopa/Umbreon for Berlin/the EUIC, and Unbroken Bonds Favs 1 April 24, 2019
"The Expanded Experience" – On Doing Homework, the Archetypes Masters, and Three Reasons Why Comfort is Key in Expanded 1 April 19, 2019
"Tourist Attractions" – ZoroGarb 2.0 and PikaTickets for Daytona 1 April 17, 2019
"Mile-High Surprises" – Highlighting Denver's Unexpected Standouts: Bodybuilding/Zoroark Control, Draw/Celebi & Venusaur-GX, and Order Pad/Pikarom 1 April 9, 2019
"Some Like It Hot" - The Green Machine (Celebi & Venusaur-GX), Blacephalon, and My Yellow Plays (Zapdos/Jolteon, Zapdos/Ultra Beasts, Lightning Box) for Denver 1 April 4, 2019
"It's Electric" – A Complete Run-Down of All Six Major Lightning-Type Decks in Standard for Denver (Pure Zapdos, Turbo PikaRom, Lycanroc/Zapdos, Zapdos/Ultra Beasts, Jolteon/Zapdos, and PikaRom/Zapdos) 1 March 28, 2019
"Win Conditions…" – The Evolution of Wall Stall (from Hoopa/Gigas to Counter Attackers + Metal for NAIC), Blacephalon-GX, and Beyond—To the Lurking Tier 2 2 June 19, 2019
"Pinch Me, I'm Playing Green" – Recapping Toronto's & Greensboro's Top 8s, Exploring Expanded with Celebi & Venusaur-GX, and Rating Rayquaza for Daytona Regionals 1 March 20, 2019
"Two and a Few" – Pre-NAIC Tournament Results, What They Mean, PikaRom vs. ReshiZard, and Words on a Bunch of High-Placing Lists 2 June 18, 2019
"If You Need A List…" – The Post-Madison Tier List and Optimal Deck Lists for Almost Every Archetype 3 June 16, 2019
"How to Train Your Dragons and Squids" – Matchup Guides for Malamar & Friends and Ability ReshiZard for Origins + NAIC, and Some Words on the Final Stretch of the Season 4 June 14, 2019
"Moving Squid-ward" – On ReshiZard's Dominance, the (Mostly) Failed Attempts to Counter ReshiZard, and a Potential Savior, Malamar, in Two Flavors (Standard and Techy) 3 June 12, 2019
"Signs of the Times" – Recapping Toronto's Headlines, the Two Paths, and on Trevenant, Zoroark/Garbodor, and Night March for Greensboro 1 March 13, 2019